Thursday, October 2, 2008

Through the Mail Sucess

Today when I got home from another exciting day at the bookstore, there was an envelope addressed to me in my own handwriting with a San Diego postmark. I sent these to Scott Hairston as soon as Topps and Upper Deck 2 were out. I found that if I include a few extras as a thank you to the players I have better luck. I ask them to sign one of each and keep the rest. It reallys work well with the guys who are still in the minor leagues. I will keep the Topps card and use the Upper Deck one to trade. The UD card illustrates one of my disappointments with most of the cards coming out today. They are so glossy that all Sharpies don't stick well and bleed a lot. I wish that a parallel set was a matte finish for getting signed. If anyone knows a good way to remove the gloss please let me know. Back to the alphabetical order tomorrow.

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zman40 said...

Supposedly, rub them with panty hose. That's what my local dealer told me. But I've had the same problem (and I don't have any hose). I've had a few problems with this year's UD and also with the '07 Topps UH. The UD Update has a matte finish that would be better for autos, though.