Thursday, April 14, 2011

More TTM Success

 Since Bud hasn't had a card made of him this year, I made a 2011 Padrograph card and mailed it to him.  It took 42 days to come back.  Hope Bud can guide the team to an even better record this year. 
 Horace Clarke played 99 games for the Padres in 1974 after being purchased from the Yankees part way through the season.  He had played 10 seasons for the Yankees from 1965-1974.  It only took 10 days for this card to make it all the way to the Virgin Islands and back.  Horace never had a Padres card so I found a picture and made this card.
A big fan favorite and very obliging autographer and auto graph collector himself, Pat Neshek was signed by the Padres at the very end of spring training.  As soon as I found a pitcher of him in a Padres uniform I made this card and sent it to him.  I only took 8 days to get to San Diego and back.  I am glad to be able to add these guys to my collection and I also added Dan Miceli, from a dealer to give me a total of 776 different signatures. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

A couple of TTM sucess and some new collecting goals

I had sent this to Mr. Garland back in February c/o the Dodgers Spring Training, somewhere other than Vero Beach, and received it back yesterday.  Garland spent one season in San Diego, before becoming a Dodger double dipper.

Ken Reynolds played 6 seasons in the majors with the Phillies, Cards, Brewers and Padres.  He pitched in 19 games for the Padres in the Bicentennial summer of 1976.  He went 0-3 and saved 2 games.  I sent this 2011 Padrographs to him and it came back in a week.  That is coast to coast to coast in a week, from Portland to Massachusetts and back. Thank you Mr. Garland and Mr. Reynolds.

I have embarked on a couple of projects that I will be sharing with you soon.  I will be posting a want list of autos I still need soon.  I am trying to get all of Heath Bells cards for 2011, all the base and variations and parallels.  I have a large amount of 2011 Topps and Heritage, so if you need some let me know.  I am still trying to trying to get more Padrographs and Bip Roberts cards.  Padrographs are getting harder to find and hopefully some of the guys from last season will be signing their Padres cards.  The Bip Roberts cards are parallels and team issued stuff that is turning out to be harder to find than I thought. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a Knockout

I recently won a contest at the Cardboard Connection and was awarded a box of UFC Knockout.  Not being a UFC fan, I have only heard of a few of the guys.  I did get all the relics and autographed cards that I was promised, with one redemption card.  I really don't like sticker autos' some of the guys signatures are cut-off and incomplete.  Hopefully I can trade these for some cool Padres stuff.  Here without further comment are the inserts and parallels.  These are all parallels numbered to 288.

Palaszewski, Davis, Hughes and Brown are numbered out of 188.  Schaub and Guillard are numbered out of 88.

Forrest Griffin (Upper Left) is 07/18.  Pat Barry is Authentic Fighter Worn Gear and numbered 115/188.  Jake Ellenberger is also Authentic Fighter Worn Gear and is numbered 91/188.  Miller, Edgar and Miller are are fighter worn and numbered 23/36.  Frankie Edgar auto is 79/88, Tank Abbott is 101/188, Jake Ellenberger relic/auto is 55/188 and a redemption card of Rashad Evans. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

More Trade Bait; 2011 Topps, Opening Day and Heritage

If you see something here you are interested in let me know.  I am looking specificially for 2011 Padres inserts and variations.

Maddux and Yount are original backs.
If you something you want let me know, we can work something out.  Padres are tied for first place.  Time to go work at the bookstore.