Thursday, April 14, 2011

More TTM Success

 Since Bud hasn't had a card made of him this year, I made a 2011 Padrograph card and mailed it to him.  It took 42 days to come back.  Hope Bud can guide the team to an even better record this year. 
 Horace Clarke played 99 games for the Padres in 1974 after being purchased from the Yankees part way through the season.  He had played 10 seasons for the Yankees from 1965-1974.  It only took 10 days for this card to make it all the way to the Virgin Islands and back.  Horace never had a Padres card so I found a picture and made this card.
A big fan favorite and very obliging autographer and auto graph collector himself, Pat Neshek was signed by the Padres at the very end of spring training.  As soon as I found a pitcher of him in a Padres uniform I made this card and sent it to him.  I only took 8 days to get to San Diego and back.  I am glad to be able to add these guys to my collection and I also added Dan Miceli, from a dealer to give me a total of 776 different signatures. 

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