Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Padrograph #1083

Craig Stammen, Padrograph #1083. Craig signed as a free agent with the Padres before the 2017 season and he pitched in sixty games in 2017.  This is the third of fourteen custom cards I sent out on February 10.  I just need seventeen more signatures to get to 1,100 Padrographs. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Padrograph #1082 and reppin the 2018 Padres

Carter Capps, Padrograph #1082. Carter is the second of 14 cards I sent to Spring Training that has come back.  He pitched in 11 games for the Padres last year after missing 2016 due to Tommy John surgery.  He has one of the most unique sidearm deliveries I have ever seen.

I have one signed card reppin' each season of the Padres since they entered the league in 1969.  Hunter Renfroe ( please do not trade him) is reppin' the 2018 team.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Padrographs updated

 Dillon Overton, Padrograph #1081, Dillon pitched in two games in 2017.  One each for the Mariners and Padres.  Purchased on eBay
Brad Hand, Padrograph #1080, Brad has seven years in the majors, five with the Marlins and two with the Padres.  He was selected for the All Star Game in 2017. Purchased on eBay
Jhoulys Chacin, Padrograph #1077, Jhoulys has nine years in the majors with the Rockies, Diamondbacks, Braves, Angels and the Padres. Purchased on eBay.
Jose Ruiz, Padrograph #1076.  Jose pitched in one game for the Padres in 2017 and is in camp with the White Sox.  I got this card from a company in Venezuela that makes cards for obscure players.
Mike Oquist, Padrograph #1079,  Mike pitched in eight games for the 1996 Padres.  The card is a custom card I made and got signed through an autograph dealer.  
Phil Maton, Padrograph #1078, was drafted by the Padres in 2015 and pitched in forty six games for the Padres in 2017.  This is a custom that I made and sent to Spring Training.  Phil signed it and returned it.  
I sent fourteen customs to Spring Training and so far the Phil Maton card is the only one I have gotten back.
Luis Torrens, Padrograph #1075  Luis played in 56 games for the Padres in 2017.  This is another card I got from the Venezuelan company on eBay.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wrestler Graphs

I have increased the number of Pro Wrestling autographs from two, Braun Strowman and Mick Foley to 10 with a total of 9 cards.  Jim Ross is an announcing legend who's wrestling calls have often been put over other video's.  William Regal is the NXT commissioner who I remember watching wrestling.  Nia Jax should be the womans champion but she hasn't yet won any championships yet.  Jimmy and Jey Uso succeeded both as a baby face duo and now as heels.  Dolph Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers in the company, but he hasn't found a consistent direction for his character.  Natalya Hart is a third generation wrestler who makes everyone she wrestles against look good. Jerry "The King" Lawler has been a wrestler, promoter and announcer.