Sunday, April 25, 2021

Don't call it a comeback to quote Fuji and the Music Challenge A-Z

 So after I posted these yesterday here, I also posted them in a couple of TTM groups I belong to on facebook.  Someone there got my Padres custom and I got his 1993 Flair.  So we are swapping to get our cards back.  

I also decided to participate in the A-Z Music challenge.

A- Andrae Crouch and the Disciples, my favorite song is My Tribute

B-This was the most difficult letter for me.  I chose the Beach Boys but could have gone with Billy Preston, the Blues Brothers or Blue Oyster Cult.  The Beach Boys have more songs I like.

C-Chicago, one of the first albums I bought was their 4 disc Live at Carnegie Hall

D-Daniel Amos, one of the bands I have seen the most.  From country to new wave.  Shotgun Angel to the Alarma Chronicles

E-Edgar Winter, I love listening to Frankenstein with headphones on

F-for King and Country

G-George Strait, saw him in concert once and love almost anything he sings

H-Huey Lewis and the News, love everything they do and saw them in concert once

I- The Imperials, love their harmonies.  You will notice that there are several trios and quartets on my list, I love the sound of several voices melding together

J-Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett, I couldn't choose between them

K-Keith Green, some songs that really minister to me

L-Larry Norman, songs that showed me that rock and roll can be used to express Christian themes.  Many songs that make me think about things.  Six O'Clock News in particular.  Saw Larry in Concert many times.  Lynryd Skynryd I love the fifteen minute version of Freebird.  I saw them in concert in 1977.  You can see that concert in the movie Freebird

M-Mercy Me, I Can Only Imagine will always remind of my late mother in law

N-Newsboys, love My Fathers House in Particular

O-The Oak Ridge Boys, Elvira among many other favorites

P-Phillips, Craig and Dean, a trio of amazing voices with some amazing songs, Mercy Came Running, Concert of the Age and Favorite Song of All

Q-Queen, love News of the World

R-Reba McEntire, love her voice and her wide variety of songs.

S-Steven Curtis Chapman, love The Great Adventure, Burn the Ships and Be Still and Know

T- Tim Flannery, the dude is awesome, singer, songwriter and humanitarian.  My favorite song is a hymn he wrote called Foot of the Cross

U-U2, my younger brother introduced me to them when they were first hitting the U.S.  Joshua Tree is still a favorite album

V-Van Halen, I and a friend used to listen to their first albums in the church parking lot while we played frisbee in the late 70's

W-War, Wings.  I couldn't decide and I don't have an X

X- nothing y'all

Y-Yes, I saw them in concert at Oakland, they were the headliners after Donovan played.  Just him and his guitar then Yes with their arsenal of instruments.  

Z-ZZ Top, Eliminator is one of my favorites, but I also like their early blues.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

A little bit of everything

The other day I got a PWE from Adam at Infield Fly Rule, that contained this Jack Youngblood card and another card of a Los Angeles Ram.  All I remember about him is thinking that he had a really cool name.  I don't remember him as a player at all.  Doing research for this post I found out that he was an actor starring in two made for TV movies in 1986 and 1988.  He was a member of the C.A.T. Squad in the movies.  I did not realize that he was in the HOF, but I did not pay much attention to football at the time. 

Somehow though I knew about the Rams Fearsome Foursome, consisting of Lamar Lundy, Deacon Jones, Rosey Grier and Merlin Olsen.  I don't know why but I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and seeing Merlin as Johnathan Garvey.  But I remember him even more as Father Murphy, a show that ran for three seasons between 1981-1983.  He confronted a mining boss and that confrontation caused some children to be orphaned.  He posed as a priest to help care for the children and circumvent authority that would have split up family.  
That team of Rams had some actors on it, Fred Dryer went on to star in Hunter and Rosey Grier starred in several things before starring in The Thing with Two Heads, where he played an inmate who had a bigoted surgeons head grafted onto his body.  Not a comedy.  

Does anyone know where I send the cards next?

I had sent some Padres cards out to get autographed, bought one on ebay and got disappointed with a return.  
I  made contact with former Padres pitcher Randy Keisler on the web and sent him an email asking I could send him a card to sign and he said yes.  So I made the card and sent it to a wide spot in the road, called Richards, TX and just thirty-eight days it came back to me. 
It is Padrograph #1239, I used the only photo I could find of him with San Diego and modeled the card after one of the Fleer box sets from the eighties.  He pitched in two games for the Padres in 2003.
As I was working on the Padres Phrankenset (which is on a temporary hiatus)  I came across a card that I needed a signed copy of and when I looked on ebay there was a signed copy so I bought.
Steve Watkins is Padrograph #1238, he pitched in eleven games for the Padres in 2004.

I had sent custom cards to most of the Padres coaches for them to sign and the other day I received an envelop back that I knew was coming from first base coach Wayne Kirby.  I was disappointed when I opened the envelope though.  Instead of my Padres card I found these.  

I have added some more 1963 Astronauts cards to my set.

I am taking a hiatus from writing for awhile.  I will be reading your blogs and commenting some.  
Thank you for stopping by.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

something happened for the first time.

 Last night a Grossmont High School in San Diego alumni did something that had never happened in over eight thousand games for the Padres.  Joe Musgrove threw a no hitter for the Padres, one of the few Padres pitchers to come close was in a suite, Rangers General Manager Chris Young.  Joe Musgrove was just one pitch off a perfect game after hitting one batter.  It was a great game to be able to watch, the tension getting thicker with each inning and each batter.  Congratulations to Joe Musgrove and his defense.  

Joey Hamilton of the Topps laser card soundly defeated Mark Parent eighteen to one.  Up next is a triple threat match between OPC, SSPC and Topps.  Gary Lucas, 1982 OPC, SSPC Larry Hardy and 1990 Topps Joe Carter.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your assistance.   

P.S.  That was an actual Ozzie Smith rookie and not a reprint a couple of pages ago.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Always a Red Sox to me.

Fredric Michael Lynn made nine straight All Star Games between 1975-1983, for the Boston Red Sox and California Angels.  In 1975 he was the American League MVP and Rookie of the Year.  Between 1985-1989 he played for the Orioles and Tigers.  He finished his career in 1990 playing in ninety games for the Padres.  I have a signed card of him in my Padrographs where he is number 489.  When I hear Fred Lynn's name I only think of one team, the Boston Red Sox.  He was drafted by the Red Sox in the second round of the 1973 draft, he made his major league debut with the Red Sox in 1974 and played for seven seasons before being traded to the Angels with Steve Renko for Joe Rudi, Jim Dorsey and Frank Tanana.  Fred is featured here on his last all star card from 1983 Topps All Star set where he is card number 7.