Sunday, February 25, 2024

unboxing box 21, the final box, Costco big box

This box was available at Costco.  It contains one oversized card, 2 packs of series 1, 3 packs of series 2, 5 packs of update and three exclusive packs. 

Like the box I got at Target this had a oversized card and and a regular size card along with it.  Unlike the Corbin Caroll card from the Target box, this Francisco Card had a different number from the regular base card, CTC something.

These are the cards that were in the silver packs.  Different design, different pictures and different stock.  Each of these is thicker than a normal card. I thought I had scanned the back of one of these but I can not find it.  There are no stats just a write up about the player.

Inserts from the series 1 packs

Inserts from the series 2 packs.  I haven't seen the Legends of the Game insert before. I will have to pick up a copy of the Tony Gwynn card.

And the inserts from the update packs.
So exactly two months from the date I got them I have completed opening all the boxes I got for Christmas.  They are all sorted and will be going out to people in the next couple of weeks.



Jeremya1um said...

Thanks for the generosity with the non-keeper cards. It has been fun watching you open them and seeing the inserts and rookies.

night owl said...

Lot of this is new to me. I didn't know there were oversized 2023 cards. Those other ones look like a National Baseball Card Day design.

madding said...

I got one of those cards from the silver packs (Flagship Collection is apparently what they're called) in a trade recently, and they seemed like something that would have normally been in a high end set like Museum Collection or something. They're kind of cool, but a bit strange to be thrown in with regular Topps cards.

bbcardz said...

I love Costco and just had to get some of these boxes. When it comes to Topps flagship cards I have almost no willpower and ended up getting six boxes of these. They're not a bad deal and I was able to trade away the dupes on TCDb.

Congrats on pulling the Thomas Legends of the Game card.

OhioTim said...

Congratulations on opening all the boxes of cards. Hope it was a fun adventure for you. I have enjoyed seeing and reading your posts.

Fuji said...

Fun break. I like how they gave collectors a mix of Series 1, 2, and Update. As with the other super box... I think the best thing are the oversized cards. The bonus card with the special number is kind of cool too.

Thank you for taking all of us on this pack busting journey. It was fun to see all of the cool stuff you pulled.

Jafronius said...

Thank you for your generosity as well as your willpower for not opening those boxes sooner!