Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Unboxing Box 15, 1st Box Topps Flagship update

I realized as I was going through my boxes that I had two boxes of Update.  These are from the first box.  I got one pretty rare card in this box.  But first we start off with the not at all rare Stars of MLB.

I got three cards for my city connect mini collection, which will need updating soon as I read the Dodgers are getting new City Connect uniforms along with the other eight teams that will be debuting City Connect uniforms this year.  Also got a Gavin that was new to me, but not to Baseball Card Breakdown.
A few different inserts and parallels along with a Padre that wasn't in a City Connect uniform.

And here is the rare card from the packs.  Ji-Man Choi SSP Mirror Image card.  Would have liked to see it in a Padres uniform since that is where he finished the season.  



The Angels In Order said...

Good stuff. I can't believe its been that long (2016) since Choi was with the Angels.

The Diamond King said...

I like that the Choi is marked as a SSP. Have they been doing that long? And yes, make him a Padre!

bbcardz said...

Congrats on some great pulls!

OhioTim said...

Great pull with the Golden Image short print. I pulled one in a blaster of 2023 series 1.

Jafronius said...

Great SSP pull!