Friday, February 23, 2024

Unboxing Box 20, the Penultimate Box, 2023 Topps Update Target Big Box.

 My granddaughter and I were in Target looking for something, right after Christmas, when I saw this and picked it up for right around $30.  Upon opening the strangest thing was that all the packs were glued together lightly to maintain that fanned appearance.  

I was going to do a bunch of individual scans but I decided to do this to show the relative sizes of the big card and the pin.  The pin is of Yordan Alvarez of the Astros.  I didn't catch the difference in the two Actions Stars cards until I looked at the scan.  I don't know why they are different.  I don't what the wording is supposed to mean on the Bo Bichette card.  But it looks like a card I will send to Cards as I see Them for his mini collection.

In all the Stars of MLB cards I have seen I don't think that I have seen anyone from the Padres featured.
I am not sure if the Brice Turang card is what sort of parallel but the colors work well with the Brewers color scheme.   I still like the 1988 homage cards especially the Carlton Fisk.  More stars of the MLB including a chrome of Matt Olsen.
The five silver cards were in the special silver pack in the box.  The Bobby Miller card is numbered out of 199 and came out of a regular pack.  
This card is noteworthy because it was loose in the box, hidden behind the big card.

Just one more box to go.


The Diamond King said...

Never bought anything like that before. The Bichette is at least interesting!

Fuji said...

My local Target never had these, but I bought one (or something like this) at Costco, because I saw they had oversized card and the pin. I'm a sucker for oddball stuff like this. As soon as I can catch up on care packages, I'll open it up.

The Angels In Order said...

Pretty cool box for 30ish bucks. If that supersize wrapper and one of the other wrappers are available, I can send you something in return. Perfect fit in my Trout wrapper collection.

OhioTim said...

I am enjoying this trip through box ripping that you are doing.

Jafronius said...

I would have bought one of these if I saw it with the other Update releases.