Sunday, December 25, 2022

Thursday, December 8, 2022

I Need Your Help to Celebrate A Friends Birthday

Over there to the right is one of my best friends, Robert Jones.  He took me to the Mariners vs. Padres series in Seattle earlier this year and we have attended many baseball games together.  I have known Robert for 45 years and he has helped me through for a few rough spots and is a constant source of encouragement.  On February 13, 2023 he will be turning 70 years old.  For his 60th birthday back in 2013 I got him every Topps flagship card numbered 60 from 1953-2013.  So for his 70th birthday decided to do something different but still involving Topps cards.  I want to get him the card number that matches his age from each year, so for example I want to get card #1 from 1954 and so on up to card #70 from 2023.  I figure you guys can help me.  I know some of the early years would be expensive, so I am looking for reprints or cards in really bad condition.  I don't expect any one to just give me cards so up above you will see a page labeled TRADE ITEMS, on it are 64 items that I am willing to trade for the cards.  You propose the trade and I will send you the item.  Also there is a page labeled ROBERTS 70th Birthday List.  It lists each card and who is on it and what team they are pictured with.  On that page I will keep track of who sent each card and what they received. I have also put the list below. I would really appreciate your help, I am trying to get ahead of this because 10 years ago it took me awhile  to get all the cards. Also I would appreciate it if you could pass the word, I am not sure not how many people still read Padrographs. Thank you in advance.  Updated 12/13

1954 1 Ted Williams Red Sox
1955 2 Ted Williams Red Sox
1956 3 Elmer Valo KC A's
1957 4 Johnny Logan Braves
1958 5 Willie Mays Giants
1959 6 Alex Grammas Cardinals The Diamond King
1960 7 Master & Mentor Giants
1961 8 Dick Williams KC A's
1962 9 Jim Davenport Giants
1963 10 AL Strikeout Ldrs The Diamond King
1964 11 NL RBI ldrs
1965 12 NL SO Ldrs
1966 13 Lou Johnson Dodgers gcrl
1967 14 Joe Sparma Tigers
1968 15 Ron Hunt Dodgers
1969 16 Giants Rookies Stars Giants gcrl
1970 17 Hoyt Wilhem Braves Gavin
1971 18 Norm Miller Astros The Diamond King/gcrl
1972 19 Billy Cowan Angels gcrl
1973 20 Stan Bahnsen White Sox Baseball Cards Come to Life
1974 21 Bob Gallagher Astros gcrl
1975 22 Dave Cash Phillies
1976 23 Brian Downing White Sox Baseball Cards Come to Life
1977 24 Carl Morton Braves Baseball Cards Come to Life
1978 25 Jon Matlack Mets
1979 26 Jamie Quirk Royals
1980 27 Del Unser Phillies
1981 28 Enrique Romo Pirates Angels in Order
1982 29 Dwayne Murphy
1983 30 Jim Rice Red Sox The Diamond King
1984 31 Andy McCaffigan Giants Angels in Order
1985 32 Chuck Porter Brewers Baseball Cards Come to Life
1986 33 Jeff Lahti Cardinals Angels in Order
1987 34 Jose Rijo A's Angels in Order
1988 35 Harold Baines White Sox Baseball Cards Come to Life/The Cooperstown Advocate
1989 36 Mitch Webster Cubs Baseball Cards Come to Life
1990 37 Domingo Ramos Cubs Baseball Cards Come to Life/The Cooperstown Advocate
1991 38 Scott Bradley Seattle Baseball Cards Come to Life
1992 39 Greg Olson Braves
1993 40 Ozzie Smith Cardinals
1994 41 Kevin Wickander Reds Baseball Cards Come to Life
1995 42 Jose Batista Cubs
1996 43 Troy Percival Angels Angels in Order
1997 44 Hal Morris Reds Baseball Cards Come to Life
1998 45 Pat Hentgen Toronto Baseball Cards Come to Life
1999 46 Armando Benitez Baltimore
2000 47 Shannon Stewart Toronto
2001 48 Dan Plesac Arizona
2002 49 Ben Petrick Colorado
2003 50 Sammy Sosa Cubs The Diamond King
2004 51 Danny Graves Reds Baseball Cards Come to Life
2005 52 Danny Graves Reds
2006 53 Tomo Okha Brewers Baseball Cards Come to Life
2007 54 Daniel Cabrera Baltimore Baseball Cards Come to Life
2008 55 Chris Young San Diego Baseball Cards Come to Life
2009 56 Edwin Encarcion Reds Baseball Cards Come to Life
2010 57 CC Sabithia Yankees Baseball Cards Come to Life
2011 58 Josh Johnson Miami Baseball Cards Come to Life
2012 59 Texas Rangers
2013 60 Jon Rauch Mets Baseball Cards Come to Life
2014 61 Nick Markakis Baltimore
2015 62 Nolan Arrenado Colorado Baseball Cards Come to Life
2016 63 Zach Britton Baltimore
2017 64 Adam Eaton White Sox
2018 65 Alex Wood Dodgers Angels in Order
2019 66 Stephen Piscotty Yankees
2020 67 Tyler Beede Giants
2021 68 Charlie Blackmon
2022 69 Corey Kluber Yankees
2023 70

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanks to Fuji and eBay

 Thanks to Fuji and eBay my 19 pages of Tony Gwynn cards are now full.  Here they are in all there glory.  And of course they in reverse order.  I am happy with the cards I have chosen.

I cut down my Padrographs to just nine cards from each year.  I also kept one card of each manager and a few odds and ends.  I will share those with you at some point.  

I work retail at a mall so our busy time of the year is beginning.  

Sunday, October 30, 2022

It's Been Awhile, Y'all

I have been deliberating over the past 5 months what to do with my cards.  I have come to two decisions and have been in the process of implementing those decisions.  

I decided that I was only going to collect (at this time) two players, Tim Flannery and Tony Gwynn.  Flannery I was going to try and get all of his cards.  Right now all I have are a few cards other than all his Topps cards.  I will be starting chasing those remaining cards soon.  
I decided that I was only going to keep 19 pages of Tony Gwynn cards, that is 171 cards.  So I went through all my Tony Gwynn, Sr. cards and eventually pared it down to that number.  I split the rest of my Gwynn cards and other Padres cards between Gavin and Fuji.  I dropped off Gavin's cards to him a week or so ago and I mailed Fuji's to him yesterday.  When I decided to page my Gwynn cards I realized there were still 10 cards I needed to complete my task. I have listed the 10 cards I still need on the Top Ten Most Wanted.  

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Group Break

 I have accumulated a fair number of cards of many teams and have made over six hundred custom cards.  I am downsizing my collection and will be offering team lots of all teams except the Padres. There are custom cards, inserts and even a few autographs.  Not every team has autographs. The custom cards are of players that never had a card or a card with the team on the card. I have priced each lot at 25¢ a card.  Below is a list of the teams and the number of cards and the total price for each team. I will update the post as people sign up and pay for their cards.  Shipping will depend on the number of cards you get.

Team              #of cards          Price          Paid for 

Rockies                  4                 $1.00   

Senators                14                $3.50

Twins                     42               $10.50 

Braves                    35              $8.75

A's                          100             $25.00      San Jose Fuji

Mariners                 25              $6.25

Royals                     25               $6.25

Cleveland                30              $7.50

Dodgers                   39              $9.75

Miami                       4               $1.00

Pilots/Brewers        19               $4.75

Phillies                     32               $8.00

Houston                   18                $4.50

Yankees                   46               $11.50

Tampa Bay             7                 $1.75

Diamondbacks       1                      25¢   

Blue Jays               19                 $4.75 

Rangers                 10                 $2.50

Orioles                   24                $6.00

Cardinals              53                 $13.25

Red Sox                43                 $10.75    Matt

Angels                   32                 $8.00

Pirates                   48                 $12.00

White Sox              44                $11.00

Mets                        17               $4.25          Brett

Expos/Nationals     13               $3.25

Reds                         47               $11.75

Cubs                         57              $14.25

Tigers                       64              $16.00

Giants                     103              $25.75         San Jose Fuji

Negro League         34                $8.50

Umpires/Executives  14             $3.50

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Padrographs 1262-1264 and my current state of mind about the hobby.


 Hey, long time no see.  I got frustrated with what Padrographs were selling for and cards in general.  

First lets talk about these three cards then we will move onto other things.  

Edward Olivares, is Padrograph #1262.  He played in 13 games for the Padres in 2020 before being traded to the Royals for Trevor Rosenthal.  He has played in 15 games for the Royals so far this year.
Jarlin Susana, is Padrograph #1263.  The 18 year old was signed by the Padres as a free agent.  He is currently playing in the DSL.
Joe Goddard,  is Padrograph #1264.  He was signed by the Padres in 1971 and played in 12 games for the Padres in 1972.  He played in the Padres system through 1976.  I have made custom cards of him and sent them to him and never heard from him.  I found  this Beckett autograph cut on eBay and then an overlay for it.  I designed it and my wife cut it out for me.  She has a much steadier hand than I.  I got this card back in January.  

With all the prices going up I have made a few decisions about my collection.  Also I am not getting any younger, I will be signing up for Medicare in September.  I have decided that I am just going to concentrate on my Padrographs and Tim Flannery cards.  I am going to curtail my Padrographs and only get cards of players who have actually played for the Padres not just in their system and all the managers.  There goes my Joe Pepitone autograph.  I will be selling many things that don't meet that criteria.  

I will be hosting a group break soon that will consists of commons, inserts, autographs and custom cards.  I am sorting all my non Padres by teams and when I get them all sorted I will be posting the details of the break.  The price will be determined by the number of cards for the team.  I am looking at making each card between 25-50.  

Right now I am looking for Tim Flannery cards that are not from Topps.  I think I have all of them.   

Once I get down with the group break I will be figuring out what to do with all my non-auto Padres cards. 

Thank you for stopping by and good night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Padrographs 1250-1261

 Bowman Chrome came out and had five Padrographs in it.  I managed to snag three of them for under $10 apiece, but the other two are ridiculously priced, Victor Acosta and Reginald Preciado.  Acosta is an 18 year who has only played in the DSL and Preciado is now in the Cubs system as part of the Darvish trade.  I also picked up some custom autos through an acquaintance in San Diego.  

  I made the cards and Josh Harrison in San Diego got them signed for me.  This is actually the second Jordy Barley autograph I have.  I made a set of the 2019 Tri Cities Dust Devils, the Padres short season rookie team and had the players sign them and Jordy was among them. He is actually in the Washington Nationals minor league system, he was sent to them in the trade for Daniel Hudson.  Adam Kerner was an undrafted free agent signed by the Padres in 2020 who played in Ft Wayne in 2021.  Eguy was signed by the Padres in 2016 and played at AA San Antonio last year.  All the rest of the cards are customs and played for the Padres last year.  

I am going to be cutting back on my Padrographs this year.  I am only going to try for players who have been on the active roster and coaches.  

I have sorted all my extra Padres by player.  If you have a particular card you are looking for of someone who has played for the Padres let me know and I will see if I have it.