Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gint A Cuffs

Well Here goes again, I posted this last night and at some point it lost it's pictures and the last 3 packs.
N43 +5, no extra for being Aroldis Chapman

Pack 1
Jason Heyward (+2 someones favorite player, +2 for short print #335)
Ozzie Martinez mini (+2 A&G ad back)
Florence Nightingale (+2 Minds that Made the Future)
Pack Total:8/Box Total 13

 Pack 2
Omar Infante (+2 mini A&G ad back)
 Jacoby Ellsbury (+1 Hometown Heroes set)
 The Human Cannonball (+3 Step Right Up Mini)
Pack Total: 6/ Box Total 19

 Pack 3
 Mike Pelfrey (+2 #342 SP)
 Jordan Zimmerman (+1 Hometown Heroes)
 Bobby Abreu (+3 #218 black bordered mini parallel)
Homo Sapiens Sapiens (+1 Ascent of Man)
Pack Total 7/Box Total 26

Pack 4
Travis Hafner (+1 Hometown Heroes)
Cody Ross Bat Relic (+10)
Pack Total 11/ Box Total 37

Pack 5
Kevin Kouzmanoff (+2 #336 SP)
HMS Devastation, I can't think of a better name for a warship (+2 Floating Fortress insert)
Brian McCann (+2 #245 A&G Ad back mini)
Pack Total 6/Box Total 43

Pack 6
Gaby Sanchez, (+2 #334 SP)
Alexander Graham Bell (+2, Minds that Made the Future)
Red Wolf (+3, Mini Animals in Peril)
The Lizzie Borden House, (+3, Mini Uninvited Guest)
Sarcoptergypii(+1 Ascent of Man)
Pack Total 11/ Box Total 54

Pack 7
Andrew McCutchen(+1 Hometown Heroes)
Mark Rogers (+3, Black Bordered Mini)
Phil Hughes, (-1 Damm Yankee)
Dicky V(+1)
Pack Total 5/Box Total 59

Pack 8
Alex Gordon (+1 Hometown Hero)
Francisco Rodrigue (+2 A&G ad back mini)
Mark Reynolds (+2 #321 SP)
Pack Total 5/ Box Total 64

Pack 9
Kristi Yamaguchi (+3 Ginter Code Card)
Stephen Drew  (+1 Hometown Hero)
Kasper Hauser (+3, Worlds Most Mysterious Figures)
Mike Gellner (+5 Portraits of Penultimacy,)
Pack Total 12/ Box Total 76

Pack 10
Cole Hamels (+2 Favorite Player of someone)
Miguel Montero (+3 Ginter Code Card)
Kyle Petty,(+1 Son of the King)
Geno Auriemma (-1, enemy of Pat Summit)
Twins open new stadium (+3 Baseball Highlight Sketch)
Ryan Zimmerman (+3 Mini SP)
Manny Ramirez (+1 Hometown Heroes)
Pack Total 12/ Box Total 88

Pack 11
Kevin Youklis (+2, Favorite Player)
Texas Rangers (+3, Baseball highlight Sketch)
Bachelors Grove Cemetery (+3 uninvited guest mini)
Chase Utley(+1 Hometown Heroes) from the same town as me Long Beach, CA
Pack Total 9/ Box Total 97

Pack 12
Felix Hernandez(+1, Favorite Player)
Orlando Hudson(+1, Favorite Team)
Adam Dunn(+1, Hometown Heroes)
Pack Total 3/Box Total 100

Pack 13
Scott Rolen(+1 Hometown Hero)
Captain Charles Johnson(+3, Worlds Most Mysterious Figures)
Brent Morel(+10, Auto Card AGA-BMO)
Pack Total 14/Box Total 114

Pack 14
Martin Prado(+2, Someones favorite player)
Delmon Young(+1, Hometown Hero)
Greater Bamboo Lemur(+3 Animals in Peril Mini)
Pack Total 6/Box Total 120

Pack 15
Cory Luebke(+1, My Favorite Team)
Nick Markakis(+2, someones favorite player, +2 SP #314)
Markhor(+3 Animals in Peril mini)
USS Merrimack (+2 Floating Fortresses)
Pack Total 10/ Box Total 130

Pack 16
Mariano Rivera(-1, Damm Yankee)
Trevor Cahill(+2, SP #322)
Mountain Gorilla(+3 Animals in Peril mini)
Mahmudiye(+2, Floating Fortresses)
Hominina(+1, Ascent of Man)
Chase Headley(+1 , My Favorite Team)
Pack Total 9/Box Total 139

Pack 17
Brett Wallace(+1, SP #318)
Jake Peavy(+1, Hometown Hero)
Bobby Danks(+2, A&G Ad Back Mini)
Jon Lester(+2 Someones Favorite Player, +2 SP #320)
Troy Tulowitzki(+2 Someones Favorite Player)
Pack Total 10/Box Total 149

Pack 18
Alex Gordon(+2, SP #329)
Jason Kubel(+1, Hometown Hero)
Black Eyed Susan(+10, Flora of the World Mini) Thanks for bringing me flowers
Pack Total 13/Box Total 162

Pack 19
Alex Rodriguez(+2 Baseball Highlight card of a Damm Yankee)
Lance Berkman(+2 Someones Favorite Player, +1 Hometown Hero)
Alcatraz(+3 Uninvited Guest Mini)
Pack Total 8/Box Total 170

Pack 20
Justin Upton(+1 Hometown Hero)
Daniel Bard(+2 A&G Ad Back Mini)
Heath Bell (+4, My Favorite Player +1 favorite team)
Chuck Woolrey(+1 accompanied by boxer Ana Julaton & Angel Pagan)
The Bed of Nails(+3, Step right up mini) damaged but the commish has ruled that I shouldn't be penalized for Topps incompetence.
Pack Total 12/Box Total 182

Pack 21
Matt Kemp(+1 Hometown Hero, +2 Night Owls favorite player)
(+1 Ascent of Man)
Storen (+2 SP)
Bumgarner (+3 SP Mini)
Pack Total 9/Box Total 191
Pack 22
Mickey Mantle (-1 Damm Yankee Great)
Rick Porcello (+3 Ginter Code Card)
Elvis Andrus (+3 Black Bordered Mini)
Brian McCann(+1 Hometown Hero)
Pack Total 7/Box Total 198
Pack 23
Mark Teixeria(-1, Damm Yankee)
Aimmee Mullins(+1, good looking, an athlete and differently abled)
CC Sabithia(-1 Damm Yankee, +2 SP=+1)
Gregor Mendel,(+2 Minds that made the Future)
Adam Jones(+2 Favorite Player)
Igor(+3 Portraits in Penultimacy)
Pack Total 9/Box Total 207
Pack 24
Ryan Howard(+ 3, Baseball Highlight Sketch)
Dustin Pedroia(+10, Relic Bat Card)
Danks (+1 Hometown Hero)
Pack Total 14/Box Total 221
That looks like third place.  Ambushed by the Damm Yankees at the end.  Wait til next year

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dancing and Partying in the Streets, Everywhere

Over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  It sounds like a lot of fun and jocularity, as Father Mulchay would say.

I am trying to get back to blogging on a regular basis, I have been moving a my stuff and it is almost done.  I am working on my Gint a Cuffs box, a couple of sets and I went to a game in Salem and got a bunch of autos.

Cheap Card Collecting is also having a contest at his place.  We will try and fit everyone in a VW Bug.

The Daily Dimwit is giving stuff away also.  After the party there we will going over to Katy Perry and Rebecca Blacks homes for some Friday fun.