Monday, September 30, 2019

Padrograps #16, #1030, #17 and #880

Padrograph #16, Carlos Alamanzar.  Carlos pitched in ninety games for the Padres in 1999 and 2000. His stop in San Diego was right in the middle of an eight year major league career.
Padrograph #1030, Luis Alamanzar. He has been playing in the Padres minor league system since 2017 according to, according to Baseball Reference he has only played in the Dominican Summer League for the A's and Royals.  I know I have a card of him that is signed.  I got it in a group break a couple of years ago.
Padrograph #17, Bill Almon.  Bill was drafted by the Padres twice.  In the eleventh round in 1971 and in the first round in 1974, the overall first pick.  He played the first six years of his fifteen year career in San Diego.  
Padrograph #880, Abraham Almonte.  Abraham split 2014 between Seattle and San Diego and 2015 between San Diego and Cleveland.  He played in a total sixty three games for the Padres.  

Saturday, September 28, 2019

1972 Roster Mosaic

  • we moved from Big Sur, California to Eugene, OR
  • I met the woman I would marry 13 years later.
  • Started high school again (in California, I went to a 4 year high school, in Oregon they were three year schools)
  • the Padres went 58-95
  • Tony Gwynn turned 12 
I have 38 out of 40 members of the 1972 roster signed.  I have a cut signature of Curt Blefary, so I need to make a card of him.  I made the custom of Joe Goddard but I have tried a couple of ways to get it signed but no luck.  He played 12 games in the majors in 1972 after being drafted in 1971.  He played in the Padres system through 1976.  He is currently a volunteer assistant coach at West Virginia Institute of Technology.  

Friday, September 27, 2019

Frankenset Update 9.25.19

The top seven cards are cards I ordered off of Ebay by searching for card number signed.  I chose the cheapest ones with free shipping, (thanks Roy).  The only ones I have heard of were the Old Timer Charlie Hough, master of the Knuckleball and Stewart Cliburn, who also went by Stu Cliburn on some cards.  The Richard Lane looks very much like the Jason Bay card from the same year.  I wonder if they just kept airbrushing the same photo and replacing the face.  The 1972 Ken Henderson was what Jon of A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts sent me when he claimed one of the cards from the Trade Stack.  I got a card I needed for the Frankenset and he got a 72-73 ABA Virginia Squires card of Neil Johnson.  

The Frankenset page is updated.  

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday Customs, 2019 Dust Devils. Page 3

I took none of the pictures on this page.  All the head shots are from the teams' website and the Dan Dallas picture was from a the local papers website.  I will follow these guys and see where they are in a few years.  Just one more page.   

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trade Stack Week 5

 The Mick Foley and Neil Johnson cards have been claimed, the Tim Flannery and DJ Lemahieu cards remain and are joined by the 1969 Topps Football card signed by Gary Garrison of the San Diego Chargers.  Garrison was knocked out of the Frankenset by country music Hall of Famer, Reba McEntire.  Garrison played eleven years in the NFL from 1966-1977, 10 years with San Diego and one with Houston.

If you want one or all of the cards featured email me and claim the card(s).  I will send them to you when you claim them.  Then send me anything, don't tell me what it is I want to be surprised.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Gubernatorial Results are trickling in

  A while back I made a card of the Governor of  Oregon, Kate Brown.  After making it I decided to make a set of all 50 governors and see how many of them I could get signed.  As of this morning I have sent out thirty of them.  The first ten went out around  August 29th, ten yesterday, and ten today.  I will send ten more out tomorrow and ten more on Thursday.  So far out of the first ten I sent out I have gotten 5 of them back.  The first one back was Governor David Ige of Hawaii.  It only took 13 days to come back.  His team replaced the return address I had written on the return envelope with a sticker with his address on it.  They also included the following letter.  
Up next week, the disappointing return from Governor Kate Brown of Oregon

Monday, September 23, 2019

Padrograph #1172

Brooks Conrad played in fourteen games for the Padres in 2014 at the end of the a six year major league career.  He spent this year as the manager of the Lexington Legends, the class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.  The team went 68-70 and won the league championship.  I mailed this custom to Brooks on July 6 of this year c/o the legends and got it back last Thursday, the nineteenth.  106 days.

28 to 1,200

Saturday, September 21, 2019

2011 Roster Mosaic


  • Our first grandchild was born
  • My sons turned 25 and 22
  • Celebrated 26 years of marriage
  • Had been at my job for 10 years
  • The Padres were 71-91

I have signed cards from 45 of the Padres on the roster for that year.  I have gotten return to sender packages back from Drew Carpenter and Eric Patterson.  5 of the signed cards are customs.  

Friday, September 20, 2019

Frankenset Update,

This weeks update contains 3 cards from Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown, 5 custom cards that I got signed through the mail and one card that is not signed by the player pictured.  
Brett Butler is a name I remember from watching baseball when I was younger.  Steve Lyons is from the Portland are.  Lenny Moore is someone I remember reading about when I was much younger.  I liked the playfulness of the Kimeera Butler card, Let the Kids Play.  Hal Brown, I like the old cards.  San Jose Fuji, is the name variation of the cards I made for him.  There is also a photo variation, I will let him show it if he wants to. Carter Capps was a pitcher who started the season with the Padres in Spring Training but didn't catch on anywhere.  The card of John Danks is signed by Chris Felix, who is the artist who did the painting.  Hector Gimenez is one of the three cards I got from Gavin, sadly I can't think which of the others also came from him. I just remembered that the Chris Felix is from Gavin also.  Mark Harmon is a custom I sent to him and he signed.  He also signed a card of himself as the QB at UCLA and as Gibbs from NCIS.  Alex Trebek has been the host of Jeopardy for the last 36 seasons.  Jeopardy and NCIS are shows that I make it a point to watch regularly.  Darrin Hall is (I think) another one of the cards I got from Gavin.  Governor David Ige, of Hawaii and Governor Jay Inslee, are part of a project I am currently working on to get signed cards of all 50 governors.  I have sent ten out and gotten these two back signed.  Another Governor sent the cards back unsigned with no response other than a form letter to a sixth grader. The rest of the cards are ones I got off of eBay because they were numbers I needed. Josh Layne, Orlando Pena, Terry Beeson, Dave Stieb, and Dan Schatzeder.  

The Frankenset Page is updated.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday Customs, 2019 Tri City Dust Devils

I took most of the pictures on this page,except for the two head shots and the Jason Pineda in the bottom left.  All of the others were taken while the starters were warming up with the trainer before the game.  Sean Guilbe, bottom right, already had a signed card in one of the Bowman Products.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trade Stack Week 4

The Neil Johnson card has been claimed.  The three cards below are still available, either all of them or any one. Neil Johnson played seven seasons in the NBA and ABA. He started with the Knicks and then the Suns before jumping to the ABA's Virginia Squires, where he played in 71-73.

If you want this card and they others below.  Trade me anything.  Tell me you want the cards and I will send them to you.  Don't tell me what you are sending, I want to be surprised.  

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shoe Box Heroes, Page 2

The dealer I was working with had a request for a large number of Minnesota Twins cards.  Wow that 1974 card looks ugly to me now.  Some of the cards involved taking pieces from other cards and adding them to these.  It was something I could do with an older version of publisher but not with the newer.  So I have two versions of publisher installed on two computers.  Plus Gavin helps me out a bunch.  Here is who the Twins are Minnie Mendoza (1970), Joe Bonikowski (1962), Steve Barber (1970), Mark Wiley, Mike Poepping and Tom Lundstedt (1975).  Pat Bourque (1974), Mike Kinnuen (1980) and Boomer Wells (1982)

Monday, September 16, 2019

Padrographs #1168-1171

 Carlos Garcia, #1168, played in six games for the Padres in 1999 at the end of a ten year major league career.  I sent this to him in NYC and got it back in the 
Keith Werman, #1169, played in the Mariners minor leagues in 2012-13.  He is currently the Padres development coordinator. 
This card and the next two were coordinated by a contact that has access to the Padres.  I sent him four cards and everyone but Skip Schumaker signed, Skip refused.
Johnny Washington, #1170, played five seasons in the Rangers organization.  When he retired in 2009 he immediately went into coaching and he has been coaching in the Padres organization.  He was the first base coach for a time and is currently the hitting coach at the major league level.  
Damion Easley, #1171, Damion is in his eighth season in the Padres organization as a coach and in his first at the major league level.  He is the assistant hitting coach and the infielder coach.  He played for seventeen years in the majors.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Trade Stack, 3rd Card

 This weeks addition to the the Trade Stack is WWW Hall of Famer Mick Foley, Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love all rolled into one.  Mrs. Foley's baby boy is numbered 11/99.

The Hall of Famer joins DJ Lemahieu and Tim Flannery in the Trade Stack.
 If you would like the cards claim them and then tell me you will send something.  A book, an autograph, an album anything.  Don't tell me what it is, I want to be surprised.  I will mail the cards when you claim them.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shoe Box Heroes

I decided on Tuesday (or thereabouts given my irregular blogging)  that I will share my customs that I made and call shoe box heroes.  I started when I saw an autograph dealer was doing a signing with Leon Everitt, who was a pitcher with the 1969 Padres.  I started tinkering since the 1969 design was so simple.  After I sent the cards to the dealer we struck a deal, I would charge him for the players I didn't want and would make the Padres for free if he would make sure I got a signed one.  
 Leon Everitt was the first one I made and the first one signed.  I have tried John Sipin multiple times and so has the autograph dealer and no luck. Van Kelly I tracked down and got signed myself.  The others are all requests from the AD.  I hope that you can see the progression in quality as we go.  That Everitt was made in 2015.  I have always made backs for the cards, since it doesn't seem to me to be a real card without it. 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Padrograph #1167

Padrograph #1167, Jose Moreno

As I began researching this article I found that Jose Moreno passed away last Friday of Pulmonary complications.  
He played from 1980 to 1982 playing for a different team each season. He played for the Mets in 1980, the Padres in 1981 and the Angels in 1982.  He played in 37 games for New York, 34 games for the Padres and 11 games for the Angels.  
The card is a custom that I made with uniform manipulation by Travis at Punk Rock Paint.   I think it was a Hawaii Islander photo.  It was signed in the Dominican Republic at a private signing he did.  I just received it on August 29.