Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trade Stack Week 5

 The Mick Foley and Neil Johnson cards have been claimed, the Tim Flannery and DJ Lemahieu cards remain and are joined by the 1969 Topps Football card signed by Gary Garrison of the San Diego Chargers.  Garrison was knocked out of the Frankenset by country music Hall of Famer, Reba McEntire.  Garrison played eleven years in the NFL from 1966-1977, 10 years with San Diego and one with Houston.

If you want one or all of the cards featured email me and claim the card(s).  I will send them to you when you claim them.  Then send me anything, don't tell me what it is I want to be surprised.  

1 comment:

Jon said...

I'm tempted to claim this one, but the blue ink over the blue portion of the shield is a bit off putting, maybe if no one else does in the next week or two...