Saturday, September 28, 2019

1972 Roster Mosaic

  • we moved from Big Sur, California to Eugene, OR
  • I met the woman I would marry 13 years later.
  • Started high school again (in California, I went to a 4 year high school, in Oregon they were three year schools)
  • the Padres went 58-95
  • Tony Gwynn turned 12 
I have 38 out of 40 members of the 1972 roster signed.  I have a cut signature of Curt Blefary, so I need to make a card of him.  I made the custom of Joe Goddard but I have tried a couple of ways to get it signed but no luck.  He played 12 games in the majors in 1972 after being drafted in 1971.  He played in the Padres system through 1976.  He is currently a volunteer assistant coach at West Virginia Institute of Technology.  


Fuji said...

Bummer you haven't been able to secure a signature from Goddard. Hopefully one day he signs a copy of your custom for you.

Jon said...

Does Goddard just not sign stuff?