Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shoe Box Heroes

I decided on Tuesday (or thereabouts given my irregular blogging)  that I will share my customs that I made and call shoe box heroes.  I started when I saw an autograph dealer was doing a signing with Leon Everitt, who was a pitcher with the 1969 Padres.  I started tinkering since the 1969 design was so simple.  After I sent the cards to the dealer we struck a deal, I would charge him for the players I didn't want and would make the Padres for free if he would make sure I got a signed one.  
 Leon Everitt was the first one I made and the first one signed.  I have tried John Sipin multiple times and so has the autograph dealer and no luck. Van Kelly I tracked down and got signed myself.  The others are all requests from the AD.  I hope that you can see the progression in quality as we go.  That Everitt was made in 2015.  I have always made backs for the cards, since it doesn't seem to me to be a real card without it. 

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Fuji said...

Shoebox Heroes is an excellent name for your custom set. They look awesome. By the way... I finally got those signed customs put in the mailbox yesterday. Should be there in a day or two.