Friday, September 27, 2019

Frankenset Update 9.25.19

The top seven cards are cards I ordered off of Ebay by searching for card number signed.  I chose the cheapest ones with free shipping, (thanks Roy).  The only ones I have heard of were the Old Timer Charlie Hough, master of the Knuckleball and Stewart Cliburn, who also went by Stu Cliburn on some cards.  The Richard Lane looks very much like the Jason Bay card from the same year.  I wonder if they just kept airbrushing the same photo and replacing the face.  The 1972 Ken Henderson was what Jon of A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts sent me when he claimed one of the cards from the Trade Stack.  I got a card I needed for the Frankenset and he got a 72-73 ABA Virginia Squires card of Neil Johnson.  

The Frankenset page is updated.  


Fuji said...

Only heard of Hough... but the Henderson is a fine looking card.

Jon said...

Thanks again for the trade, I'll probably have Neil's post up in a couple of days.