Friday, February 14, 2020

Needed some translation help.

 My family and I hosted exchanges students from Japan for many years.  Our very first student was Norimasa Ogi from Fujinomiya.  He was here from March of 1999 to March of 2000.  He knew I was a baseball fan so he gifted me with these.  The problem is that I can't remember who the players was.  I am hoping that someone out there can tell me what these say.  Thank you for your help.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

All the Governors

 I made cards of all 50 governors and sent them out asking them to sign them.  I mailed them out in August and September of 2019. These are all the governors that signed the cards I sent out.  Several governors signed the back of the cards, even though I specifically asked them to sign the front.  Governor Kate Brown of Oregon sent the cards back unsigned and Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia sent me a 8X10 with a pre printed signature.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Padrographs #1193-#1194

 I sent three cards to the front office of the Padres and got them all back.  The longest one took eighteen days to come back.  I shared the Ron Fowler card last week.  #1193, Erik Greupner has worked his way up the Padres corporate ladder.  He started as senior Vice President, General Counsel in 2010 and has held several positions before becoming President of Business Operations.  
#1194, Peter Seidler is the lead investor in the Padres ownership group.  He is on at least one MLB committee and is committed to helping with the unhoused population in San Diego.  
With pitchers and catchers reporting today, hopefully I will start getting some mail soon.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Padrographs #1190-#1192

#1189, CJ Abrams.  CJ was the Padres first round draft pick in 2019, going sixth overall.  This is an ebay pick up.  
#1190, Ron Fowler. Ron Fowler is the Executive Chairman of the Padres ownership group.  This is a custom I made and the first through the mail response of 2020 for me.  It only took eleven days for it to go to San Diego and back.  
#1191, Adam Warren.  Adam pitched in 25 games for the Padres in 2019. This picture is from a game on April 12.   Warren had just watched Manny make a play from behind third base and get the runner at first by several steps.  I saw his reaction and thought that needs to be on a card.  I was able to get the picture off of a video and made the card.  It took 288 days to come back to me, but it was was worth the wait being the cool card I think it is.  
I like the way the back of the Fowler and Warren cards came out.  

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Roster Mosaic 1983

  • Living in Portland, Oregon and working at Waldenbooks, if my memory is correct.
  • Tim Flannery played in 92 games for the Padres.  
  • Tony Gwynn played at both Las Vegas and San Diego.  
  • The Padres went 81-81 under manager Dick Williams