Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Padrographs #1190-#1192

#1189, CJ Abrams.  CJ was the Padres first round draft pick in 2019, going sixth overall.  This is an ebay pick up.  
#1190, Ron Fowler. Ron Fowler is the Executive Chairman of the Padres ownership group.  This is a custom I made and the first through the mail response of 2020 for me.  It only took eleven days for it to go to San Diego and back.  
#1191, Adam Warren.  Adam pitched in 25 games for the Padres in 2019. This picture is from a game on April 12.   Warren had just watched Manny make a play from behind third base and get the runner at first by several steps.  I saw his reaction and thought that needs to be on a card.  I was able to get the picture off of a video and made the card.  It took 288 days to come back to me, but it was was worth the wait being the cool card I think it is.  
I like the way the back of the Fowler and Warren cards came out.  

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Fuji said...

Glad to see you picked up an Abrams for your collection. And the Fowler and Warren turned out nicely.