Sunday, March 31, 2024

1992 Padres Stadium Club Team set

 There seem to be a lot more action shots in the 92 set and fewer posed shots.  

There are 33 cards in this set, which is up 9 cards from 1991. With 33 cards that is several more than would be on the roster at any one time.  

I had all kinds of ideas for this series, but I don't seem to be able to muster the same enthusiasm for writing that I did when I started the blog back in 2008.  I still enjoy collecting and reading other blogs and trading, but the writing not so much, so you may see more picture filled posts from me.


Fuji said...

33 cards is a solid team set. Not as big of a fan of this year's photography (wish the photos were zoomed out a little more)... but the Gwynn is cool. I like the Clark too... but yikes... I'm pretty sure he's out.

Jon said...

The Jerald Clark photo is really great!

Jafronius said...

Posts are posts, sir! Fun to see them all together!