Sunday, March 3, 2024

Customs of 2024

So far I have made 5 custom cards.  The Mike Shildt card was for me and is at Spring Training to get signed for my Padres Manager collection.  The Puig and Qualls cards were made for an autograph dealer I work with.  Rich Puig played four games for the Mets in September of 1974 and that was the extent of his major league career.
Jim Qualls played for the Cubs, Expos and White Sox between 1969 and 1972.  63 games in all and 11 for the White Sox in 1972.

This card is also for the autograph dealer I work with.  Gary Alexander had a 7 year major league career between 1975-1981.  He played in 58 games for the A's in 1978,splitting that season with the Indians. He came to the A's as part of the trade that sent Vida Blue to the Giants.
John "Blue Moon" Odom had a legendary career with the A's from 1964-1975.  In 1975 he played with the A's, Indians, Braves and White Sox.  He finished his career with two games for the White Sox.  This was also made for the autograph dealer I work with.




Jon said...

That Odom is really great! I don't think I'd ever seen him in a White Sox uniform before.

Fuji said...

I'm with Jon... that Odom is fantastic.

Brett Alan said...

Yeah, the Odom is a beauty.

That's the sort of thing Topps should be doing in their "Cards That Never Were" inserts! (I'm a little salty with Topps after mistakenly buying what I thought was a factory set variation of something of the Yoenis Céspedes rookie card. Turned out to be from a "Cards That Never Were" insert from two years later, which took famous rookie cards and added the words "Future Star" to them for no apparent reason.)

Jafronius said...

Nice work!