Tuesday, June 13, 2023

My 2 cents worth of 2023 Heritage

 I have all the Heritage base cards since 2001.  It is one set I look forward to and have kept collecting.  1974 was one of my favorite sets looks wise.  A couple of years ago I made a 74 set of all fifty governors in the US and sent them out to get signed.  I got 25 back signed and some with gifts.  

I knew that I needed the Ray Kroc card to make this complete in my head.  Tatis is playing the outfield and is not a shortstop any more. Eguy Rosario is playing at AAA El Paso. Nelson Cruz is about to return to San Diego from a rehab assignment in El Paso.  Jurickson Profar is now a member of the Rockies.  Trent Grisham is hanging around the Padres, hopefully he gets hot again like he did in the playoffs last year.  Matthew Batten is playing in El Paso.  Adrian Morejon is also playing in El Paso, I got his auto back in 2017 when he was playing at Tri Cities.  Luis Liberato is also at AAA.  
Jake Cronenworth has been playing all over the right side of the infield this season.  Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove and Blake Snell are all having good years but they need some run support.  Manny is featured on two cards.  Somehow the Padres were evidently in the American League playoffs last year.  How long has Topps been making cards?   I would like to see Soto return to his pre trade form.  Awesome Kim has really been doing well defensively and showing occasional glimpses of the power he had in Korea.   
Sean Manaea is pitching for the Giants this year.  The rest are all customs that I made and have sent to someone in San Diego to get signed.  I have one of the Brandon Dixon 1B cards set aside for GCRL.  Dixon has pitched for every team that he has played for in the majors.  
I was disappointed to see no Washington Nat'l League cards and so many guys who aren't even on the Padres in the team set.  

Sunday, May 21, 2023

World Series Heroes

 Last weekend I went to the card show at Lloyd Center.  I sold a Daniel Bryan autographed card, so I bought a few things.  Mostly packs so I will be showing the packs and what was in them.  First off is a World Series Heroes pack from 2002. 

World Series Hero Mickey Mantle adorns the cover of the pack.  I got his autograph once at a show here in Portland.  I did not pull one of the Classic World Match-Up Jersey that were inserted 1:240 packs.

Each back features a write up like this.

First up is Chuck Knoblauch of the Minnesota Twins.  I forgot about Knobbers heroics in the 1991 series.  I seem to remember that he got a case of the yips that ended his career.  I remember going to a card show that he and Fred Biletnikoff were signing at.  

Next is the Crime Dog and new Hall of Fame member Fred McGriff.  I remember Fred as a member of the Padres from 1990-1993.  He then went on to become a vital part of the Braves and their World Series win in 1995 over the team formerly known as the Indians.

Pat Hentgen performed his heroics against the Phillies in the 1993 series.  He pitched in one game in the series, going six innings for the win.

Lou Boudreau had six hits in the World Series in 1948, four of them for extra bases as Cleveland defeated the Boston Braves.  

Bernie Williams helped the Yankees to a four game sweep of the Braves in 1999. The Yankees were 11-1 in the postseason that year.  I was still upset with the Evil Empire after they swept the Padres in the series the year before.  
 Next up will be a pack of 1992 Stadium Club Football I picked up.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Wallet card update

I decided to get in on the wallet card fun. So I have chosen this Tony Gwynn card

It has accompanied me to work at go! toy, games and puzzles at Clackamas Town Center

It went to church with me to Shepherd's Gate.  I sit in the very back and run the sound board for the service.

Then we got a foot of snow and it went out with me when I shoveled the driveway.

Later this week we are going to the coast for my wife's birthday so I will take it to the Pacific Ocean.  


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

I finished Roberts 70th Birthday present last night

 I only needed one card to finish off Robert's birthday present, card #70 from 2023 Topps flagship and here it is.

I ordered a box of 2023 Topps from Dave and Adam's card world with next day delivery.  It came yesterday.  Every Hobby box has a silver pack in with 1988 Chrome cards and I got one guy from Oregon State University and three other guys.

I got my promised autograph in amongst a bunch of other inserts.
That is probably the last of my 2023 Topps purchases.  All to get one card.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Happy 70th Birthday, Robert Jones

 Today is my friend Robert's 70th Birthday.  He is not getting his birthday present until the end of the week at least because it is not complete and won't be until 2023 Topps Series 1 is out.  I have a box coming next day air to try and get the card as soon as possible.  

Thank you to everyone who helped out, in no particular order, The Diamond King, A Penny Sleeve, Cards As I see them, Baseball Card Breakdown, Baseball Cards Come to Life, Angels in Order, and the Cooperstown Advocate and his brother.  

1954-1961.  Ted Williams leads off followed by Elmer Valo of the KCA's, then
Johnny Logan, Willie Mays makes his first appearance, 1959 features Alex Grammas, followed by Mays and Rigney and Dick Williams.  The two Williams and the 58 Mays are reprints.  

1962-1970 features a lot of players  due to the multiplayer cards of the early '60's.

1971-1979, features the awesome 1972 Billy Cowan card.

1980-1988 features Jeff Lahti, who worked with the Portland Pickles, a team that Robert used to be the public address announcer for. 

1989-1997 Ozzie Smith at #40

1998-2006.  Oregonian Ben Petrick pops in at #49.  Sammy Sosa at #50 and in the oddest thing Danny Graves of the Reds at #51 and #52

2007-2015 Chris Young shows up as the only Padre in the entire project.  Jon Rauch is #60

2016-2022 Card #70 is not out yet, it will be Darrin Ruf.  I hope I get him in the box I ordered from Dave and Adam's.  Thanks again for all your help.  I have already decided what I am doing for his 80th birthday in ten years if we are both here.