Sunday, May 21, 2023

World Series Heroes

 Last weekend I went to the card show at Lloyd Center.  I sold a Daniel Bryan autographed card, so I bought a few things.  Mostly packs so I will be showing the packs and what was in them.  First off is a World Series Heroes pack from 2002. 

World Series Hero Mickey Mantle adorns the cover of the pack.  I got his autograph once at a show here in Portland.  I did not pull one of the Classic World Match-Up Jersey that were inserted 1:240 packs.

Each back features a write up like this.

First up is Chuck Knoblauch of the Minnesota Twins.  I forgot about Knobbers heroics in the 1991 series.  I seem to remember that he got a case of the yips that ended his career.  I remember going to a card show that he and Fred Biletnikoff were signing at.  

Next is the Crime Dog and new Hall of Fame member Fred McGriff.  I remember Fred as a member of the Padres from 1990-1993.  He then went on to become a vital part of the Braves and their World Series win in 1995 over the team formerly known as the Indians.

Pat Hentgen performed his heroics against the Phillies in the 1993 series.  He pitched in one game in the series, going six innings for the win.

Lou Boudreau had six hits in the World Series in 1948, four of them for extra bases as Cleveland defeated the Boston Braves.  

Bernie Williams helped the Yankees to a four game sweep of the Braves in 1999. The Yankees were 11-1 in the postseason that year.  I was still upset with the Evil Empire after they swept the Padres in the series the year before.  
 Next up will be a pack of 1992 Stadium Club Football I picked up.


Derek said...

Thumbs up to the Hentgen!

The Angels In Order said...

2002 was the year the Angels won the World Series. Would have been nice for me to have an Angel in that set.

night owl said...

I had to look up who Daniel Bryan was. ...

Fuji said...

I think the pinnacle of my dislike of the NNY was the day they swept the Padres in the WS. I've disliked them since the 80's... but I don't think I disliked them more than that day.

Matt said...

It's a nice looking set, too bad there are so many Yankees in it... :P

Jon said...

I've never seen a pack of these in the wild, so I enjoyed seeing these more than the usual pack break post.