Saturday, October 31, 2020

Wil Myers wins! Page 3 update and first page 4 battle

Wil Myers Bowman card beat out the other Wil Myers card.  Good point by many of you that if it says Jackie Robinson Day on the card there ought to be some indication that it actually was from that day. With the voting completed for page three here is how the page looks. 

Sitting in the number nineteen hole as he should be is Tony Gwynn. He is followed by the King of Bipping, Bip Roberts.  Next up is the legendary Ken Caminiti.  Greg Booker was the son-in-law of Padres General Manager Jack McKeon who infamously trade him away.  One of two father-son combos who played for the Padres put in an appearance.  Xavier Nady VI, seems to be a hitting coach at this time.  Benito Santiago is who I think of when I think of Padres catchers.  Will Wil still be with the Padres next year?

Here is the first battle of page four.  I have a soft spot for Rafael Valdez as he was one of a group of Padres minor leaguers I gave a ride to once.  I think the Benito Santiago Rated Rookie is an iconic card.  Bruce Bochy may someday be inducted into the Hall Of Fame, unfortunately likely as a Giant.

Remember your vote today will enter you into a contest at the conclusion of the first ninety-nine cards.  

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Goodbye Professor Jones!

Friday, October 30, 2020

A laser focused victory, A New Padrograph and a new battle

With a laser focus Ken Caminiti easily won the battle for spot number twenty-one.  Chris Paddack only managed one vote to Cammies eleven votes.  

Yesterday when I got home I found a card that I had sent to a private signing many months ago had returned to enter its rightful spot in the the first volume of my Padrographs binder.  It is Padrograph #1222.

Manny finished out his eleven year major league career playing in thirty-two games for the Padres in 2005 and 2006.  

 Now for the battle for the last spot on page three.  Please for Wil Myers.  At first I thought that the two cards had the same photo, but they are from different games.  I can't decide which one to use so I am turning to you for your assistance.  Vote Bowman or Jackie Robinson.  

Remember a vote is an entry into a contest after the first ninety-nine cards.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Page one updated and the first battle of page 3

Someone remarked that if I had Mothers Cookies sets I could find cards to replace cards numbers one and five.  So I went and look what I did.  Tony Ghelfi is replaced by Dick Williams from the 1984 Mothers Cookies set and a logoless Panini card is replaced with Ken Caminiti.  The page looks much better now.  

Now for the first battle of page three.  We have a laser cut Ken Caminiti card up against an insert from this years Allen & Ginter Chris Paddack A Debut to Remember.  

So far twenty-nine different people have cast one hundred twelve votes.  

 Remember a vote here earns you a contest entry.  

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Page 2 of the Phrankenset and there is a monster at the end of this post

 Sterling Hitchcock won the battle for slot number 15 in the Phrankenset.  So this is what page two looks like for now.  

Mr. Padre leads off the page.  Mike Basso was one of the coolest minor leaguers I ever met and will always be remembered by me.  Trevor dominates the page the way he used to dominate pitchers.  Gene Locklear is an artist now, it would have been cool if Topps had used former ballplayers to do Topps Project 2020 cards.  This card will stay unless Night Owl needs it for his 1975 buyback set.  Justin case you need a change in perspective Justin Upton offers just that.  Sterling Hitchcock and Steve Garvey come from sets that we aren't likely to see many more of in the Phrankenset.  The Legendary Bip Roberts makes his first appearance in the Phrankenset. 
I have talked to four of these players in person.
I promised a monster at the end of the page and here he is.  I opened a pack of 2020 Stadium Club and pulled this.  I know there is one of you that collects him, but I can't remember whom.  Let me know and I will send the card to you.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

A surprising winner (to me at least)

 Justin Upton and his perspective soundly defeated the Bunt card of Wil Meyers.  Justin had nine votes and Wil could only garner five votes.  

Up next are three more cards vying for spot number fifteen.  A Manny Machado card that is actually a team card, Sterling Hitchcock and Jake Peavey are all contending for this spot.  

 Remember every time you vote here you are awarded a contest entry.  

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Let's get ready to rumble, the battle for spot number fourteen.

 Well that was close for two of the players.  For Roberto Alomar it wasn't, he got one vote out of sixteen.  It was eight to seven between Trevor Hoffman and Bruce Bochy.  Trevor came out one vote ahead winning the spot in the Phrankenset.  

The Battle for spot number fourteen is a battle of perspectives.  Wil Myers should be the Padres comeback player of the year.  The Upton card is kind of cool because of the perspective.  

Please vote, here and at your local polling place. Here your vote will get you an entry into a contest.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The first battle of page 2

 This weeks first battle is between two Hall Of Famers and a manager who I think may end up enshrined in Cooperstown also for the number twelve spot in the Padres Phrankenset.

Roberto Alomar played the first three of his seventeen major league seasons in San Diego.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.
Trevor Hoffman played sixteen of his eighteen year major league career with the Padres he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.
Bruce Bochy played five seasons in San Diego during his nine year major league playing career.  He managed for twelve years of his managerial career in San Diego before heading north to the Bay Area.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

An long awaited Padrograph upgrade and page one of the Padres Phrankenset

 Way back in February of 2018 I sent a custom card of Kyle McGrath to him at Padres spring training.   I received it back on October 16, 2020, that is a wait of 705 days.  At some point I had picked up an auto on eBay of him, that will now be replaced with this custom card I received back two and a half years after I sent it.

In the battle of Hunter Renfroe and Larry Bowa, surprisingly Larry Bowa won, eight to four.  So here is what the first page of the Padres Phrankenset looks like. 

I am pretty much satisfied with this page.  I would like to replace cards #1 and #5 eventually if I can find Padres cards with those numbers.  I would like to replace card number one because I don't remember Tony Ghelfi at all and number five because I would like a card with logos on it.  

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Friday, October 16, 2020

A much traveler catcher prevails over a Hall of Fame closer

The votes are in and the catcher for nine different teams in a twenty year career wins the vote.  Benito had six votes, Trevor had five and Pedro just three.  Benito Santiago, 1988 Record Breaker takes the number seven spot in the Padres Frankenset.  Up next is the number eight spot.  It is a battle between a manager and a member of the playoff Tampa Bay Rays.

Larry Bowa managed the Padres and played for them in 1966 when the PCL Padres were an affiliate of the Phillies.  
Remember every vote you cast enters you into a contest when we get to card number ninety-nine.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

another one bites the dust

 Rickey Henderson beats Derek Norris by a two to one margin.  Rickey had ten votes while Derek only had five.  So Rickey takes his place on the first page of the Frankenset.  Next up is a three way race for the number seven spot in the Frankenset.

First up Pedro Astacio from a 2005 Upper Deck team issued set. Pedro pitched in twelve games for the Padres in 2005, splitting the season between the Rangers and Padres.

Next is the Benito Santiago card from 1988 Topps. This is when I was busting a lot of packs and came across this card alot.  I thought Benito was going to be a long time Padre, he played seven seasons in San Diego.

Next up is a former shortstop who went on to become one of the all time great closers and eventually entered the Hall of Fame.   It is always Trevor time at my desk as I have a clock the Padres gave away with him on it above my desk.

Please vote in the comments.  Each vote is worth an entry in a contest that will take place when we get to card number ninety-nine.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The votes are in and the results were pretty one sided.

 Yesterdays voting came out 13-2 in favor of Austin Hedges.  So Austin now occupies the #3 spot in the Padres Frankenset. So all of you that voted are now entered in a contest for a prize package at the end of the first ninety-nine cards.  Each time you comment is an additional entry into the contest.  

Today's battle is for the #4 spot in the Padres Frankenset.  An insert card of a Hall of Famer, Rickey Henderson versus an exciting action shot of Derek Norris during his brief stop in San Diego.  Leave your vote in the comments.  
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Monday, October 12, 2020

Padres frankenset battle #1

 Working on the first page of my Padres Frankenset and some of the numbers I can't decide which card to use.  So I am turning to you for help.  When the page is full I will share it with you and comment on each of the cards. 

Here are the two choices for card #3.  These were two of my favorite players when they were with the Padres.  The Renfroe card is a good, standard action shot.  The Hedges is a bit more unusual due to his facial expression.  Renfroe is went to the Rays in a trade for Tommy Pham and is still in the playoffs after the Rays beat the Hankees.  Hedges went to the Indians as part of the trade that brought Sunshine to the Padres.

I can't decide which one I want to include in the set.  Please leave your choice in the comments.  Everyone who comments on the battle post will be entered into a contest to take place when we reach card number one hundred.  Thank you for stopping by and your help.  

I was going to put a poll in the sidebar, but blogger got rid of the poll widget.  

Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Joy of a completed set, a palindromic Padrograph and a Padres Frankenset

 I finished by 2020 Topps Big League base set with two cards.  Two guys who made big news this year and who will help their teams for a few years.  

Padrograph #1221, Tucupita Marcano.  
A twenty one year old infielder who has been in the Padres system since 2017.  I hadn't heard of him until I saw this card for sale on eBay. I missed him with Tri-City in 2018, because that was the summer of my cancer treatments.  I didn't do much that summer. 

Now that I have finished my Autograph Frankenset and my 2020 Topps Big League set it is time to get to work on my Padres Frankenset.  I started with one of my favorite cards.  

That is card #19 and I don't think anything will dislodge it.
Here are the rules for the Padres Frankenset.

1. Jack Clark always loses
2. The following players always win, in this order
Tony Gwynn
Tim Flannery
Dan Walters
Bip Roberts
John Kruk 
Dave Dravecky
3. Tony Gwynn permitted if a Dupe from PC (which I have to start putting in order, gotta figure out how to use the Trading Card Database)
4. Customs allowed
5. Minor league allowed (majors always win battles)
6. Multi players cards only if neccessary
7. Logoless cards always lose.

I have got the first ninety-nine cards in the pockets and there are going to be a few battles where I will post a poll for your votes.  

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The First Slice of Cake and Padrograph #1220

 Last night was an exciting night in my little corner of our house.  I was seated in front of my computer listening to Ted Leitner and Jesse Alger call an exciting Padres game.  It has been sixteen years since the Padres have even been to the playoffs.  It was exciting after having been a fan for over forty five years.  Next up is the Dodgers, which will be a good series, hopefully the Padres won't be intimidated and will be able to beat their nemesis.

Recently I had a request from the autograph dealer I work with for a card of Thad Weber.  He played with the Tigers in 2012 and split 2013 between Toronto and San Diego. I made this card and Brian got it signed for me.  Thad appeared in three games for the Padres in 2013 and he is Padrograph #1220.  

Friday, October 2, 2020

Take The Cake

 For the first time in 14 years the Padres are in the playoffs.  I have been watching the last week of the season on my computer and then listening to the three games of the Wild Card round on my computer also.  It has been amazing to see the team come back so many times.  And what an amazing bat flip last night.  Jake Croenenworth should at  least be a contender for ROY and Manny (and maybe Fernando) should be contenders for MVP.  Can't wait until Tuesday to watch the Dodgers and Padres play.  GO PADRES!