Trade Items

 Item #1 Former Negro League All Star and New York Giant Artie Wilson Signed Baseball.  My wife used to sew for Artie's wife and I would go and watch baseball games with Artie and he signed this baseball for me.

Item #2.  Swinging Friar Funko Pop

Item #3 Larry Colton signed Baseball.  Former Philadelphia Phillie and Portland Maverick pitcher.  He is also an author and former Pulitzer Prize nominee and the Founder of Wordstock, a book festival.

Item #4 Nick Margevicius signed baseball.  Former Padre and current Mariner, comes with a authentic MLB hologram.

Item #5 Dual Alex Trebek Funko Pops.

Item #6 Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of All Time, Funko Pop

Item #7 Sandy Alomar Jr. signed cracked bat.  I got this from Sandy at a Portland Beavers minor league game.  

Item #8 Kareem Abdul Jabbar autograph matted and framed.

Item #9 Muhammad Ali, Greatest of All Time Starting Lineup figure

Item #10 Five random Angels cards.

Item #11 two Ant Man mini figures

Item #12 Artie Wilson signed postcard obtained from eBay seller.

Item #13 Juan Soto Holiday Topps Insert

Item #14 Signed 1990 Mark Davis Bowman insert contest entry card

Item #15 Magazine insert Mark Davis and Bret Saberhagen.

Item #16 Pittsburgh Pirates Willie Stargell, Roberto Clemente and Bill Mazeroski.

Item #17 Cincinnati Reds Ken Griffey Jr and Johnny Temple

Item #18 Signed Rick Wise 1970 Topps poster.  Signed through the mail.

Item #19 1987 Rochester Red Wings minor league set.

Item #20 Signed Artie Wilson, Ron Lewis postcard, serial numbered.

Item #21 Detroit Tigers, Vintage and Custom

Item #22 Toronto Blue Jays, Chrome Relic and Customs

Item #23 Unopened 1997 Pinnacle Inside can with Tony Gwynn on the outside

Item #24 Chicago White Sox, vintage and custom.

Item #25 Baltimore HOFers
Item #26 Cardinals HOFers

Item #27, 1933 Country Gold complete unopened set

Item #28, Biography by former Cub pitcher Darcy Fast.
Item #29 New York Yankees HOFers

Item #30 Vintage St Louis NFL Cardinals mini pennant

Item #31 HOF Executives

Item #32 HOF Umpires

Item #33 Deadpool, the original DVD, watched once

Item #34 Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2. watched once

Item #35 Avengers Endgame DVD watched twice

Item #36 Spiderman Homecoming Blu Ray & DVD, lightly watched

Item #37 Gremlins DVD, still wrapped

Item #38, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. , the complete series on DVD

Item #39 Stranger Things, the complete first season on DVD

Item #40 Academy Award Winner, ARGO, still wrapped DVD

Item #41 The Complete BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy on DVD




Item #45 The SANTA CLAUSE Trilogy on DVD

Item #46, THE NATURAL DVD, still in wrapper


Item #48 TABLE 19, DVD, still wrapped

Item #49, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, DVD, still wrapped

Item #50, 6 1963 Fleer Cards

Item #51, Unknown year, Eugene Emeralds Autographed fotoball. Roving instructor for the Cubs Sandy Alomar Sr.  signed also.  I would guess this is from 2000 or 1999.  Signed at Eugene's Civic Stadium after a minor league game.

Item #52 Random Assortment of Hall of Famers, Topps, Customs

Item #53, Star Wars Disney Infinity characters. Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Han Solo

Item #54 Disney Infinity Pixars Inside Out Characters, Fear (Bill Hader), Joy (Amy Poehler),
Anger (Louis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling)

Item #55, Assorted Negro League Stars

Item #56, Assorted Chicago Cubs

Item #57 The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, DVD, watched once. Some awesome musical combinations on here.

Item #58 Vintage San Diego Padres Pennant.  (ignore the messy desk, please)

Item #59 Complete hand collated Topps Senior League set

Item #60 Complete Negro League Baseball Museum set, Art by Graig Kreindler

Item #61, August 18, 1961 Life Magazine, Maris, Mantle and Ruth

Item #62 Limited Edition Stars of the Negro Leagues set

Item #63, 2007 Topps Heritage 1958 Washington Senators felt insert

Item #64 GI JOE of General Dwight Eisenhower.

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