Saturday, April 7, 2018

Padrographs #732 and #1084-1086

Fernando Tatis, Jr, Padrograph #1084; Fernando is just nineteen years old and has been in the Padres system for three years.  He is often referred to as the number one prospect in baseball.  I got this on ebay, it was $30, but I made an offer of $16 and it was accepted. 
Miguel Dilone, Padrograph #1086; Miguel played from 1974-1985 in the Major Leagues, ending his major league career with the Padres in 1985.  The card is a custom that I made, with an assist from Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown.  He changed Miguel from being in an Expos uniform to the Padres.
Kirby Yates, Padrograph #1085; Kirby came to the Padres as a free agent last season and has pitched in four games already this year.  This is a custom that I made and sent to Kirby at Spring Training.  It took 3 weeks to come back.
Matt Stairs, Padrograph #732; Matt is the new hitting coach for the Padres this year.  He also played for the Padres in 2010.  I had previously gotten his signature on a custom I made, but it was before I started making the customs look like actual cards.  I made this card and sent it to Matt at Spring Training, I don't know what happened to that upper right corner. 

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