Friday, February 10, 2012

50/50 Trade? & Frankenset

As I collect now I have 50 count boxes set up for every team, except the Padres, as I fill them I will be posting on here to see if anyone wants to do a 50 card of their team for 50 Padres.  I will be posting a want list in the next year until then everything San Diego Baseball is fair game.  Right now the only team is the Diamondbacks, mostly from the last couple of years.  I also have some nice cards I got in a recent group break.  Some nice Flair Showcase from a couple of years ago.  If you are interested in trading let me know.  I am going to try and trade with collectors who collect the other 29 teams.  Mariner and Pirates fans are out of luck as those go to two friends here in town.

I started working on a frankenset recently.  I used a whole box of 9 pocket sheets starting my Padres frankenset.  Older always wins, Gwynn Sr, Flannery, Garvey, Gossage, Bip and Bevacqua also always win.  Jack Clark, Adrian Gonzalez and Mat Latos can always be beat.  In a while I will have extras of Padres to give away also.  If you collect a particular guy who played for the Padres or are looking from Padres from a certain year or set let me know and I will set them aside.  I am going to try and be here more often but life seems to be winning out.  I still read your guys blogs.  Night Owl caused me to laugh out loud today, Troll might Rule, highlighted a good book today (I already read it) and JayBee expressed an opinon I agree with.