Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Hello Again, I got a bobble card today.

 I am still reading blogs and collecting.  

I started a set build, 1969 Topps football.  I had two cards from the set, Brian Picollo and Gale Sayers, so I decided to build the set.  I have liked the set for a long time.  I am now at 24% complete.  I keep spending about $20 at a time.  I am not two worried about condition. So it is a good condition set.  

I am still opening product and sorting it to go to various collectors.  I have added a 2008 Topps card of White Sox utility player Josh Fields to my National Anthem collection.  I found an autographed one on eBay.  

My City Connect mini collection needs to be sorted by team and sleeved.  

I have added a few cards to my Padrographs collection.  

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown sent me some cards of Tim Flannery that he had worked his magic on the cards.

I think my favorite is the 1985 Topps card.  I would collect a rainbow of that card.  The 1988 Fleer card is the aforementioned Bobble card.


night owl said...

Hi Rod! Good luck on the 1969 set. ... I like the bleached 1986 card.

OhioTim said...

Hi Rod, I was hoping to see a new blog entry from you. Glad to hear that all is going well in your collecting world. Good luck with building the 1969 football set. Look forward to future blog posts.

Fuji said...

Do you have a list of cards you need for your 1969 set build? I have some football sitting in my vintage box so there's a chance I can help you out.

P.S. Gavin's customs are awesome! I'm with you on the 85T being my favorite... but that bobble is really cool too.

Matt said...

Always good to see a blog post from you! I don't know if you're collecting any of the inserts from the 1969 set, but I have 5 of the 4-in-1 singles in my Time Travel Trade project. (Any cards in that project are available for any older card in return). Let me know if you're interested!

The Angels In Order said...

Hello! Those customs are awesome. I like the wobbly surfboard myself.

Jon said...

The '85 is really great!