Tuesday, June 26, 2012

trading Rangers, A's, Marlins and Rockies for Padres

I have over 50 cards in bubble mailers ready to go for each of  the four teams represented here and no one to send them to.  If you want a bunch of A's cards or Marlins cards or Rockies cards or Rangers cards email me at Padrographs at live dot com, send me however few Padres cards you have.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

For my granddaughter

My son, Dukkie (pronounced Ducky) and his partner Shalyhn welcomed their first child Nola in October of 2011.  Nola is our first granddaughter and I wanted to do something to chronicle life around her, so of course I decided on trading cards.  I started making cards for her.  You can tell in the cards of her Mom and Dad that I made a few design changes, but settled on the design you see on Dukkies' card.  The first card is Nola right after she was born, then her Mom and Dad.  I then people who were in office when Nola was born.  She was born and lives in Eugene, Oregon but visits Portland a lot.  Sam Adams is the mayor of Portland, John Kitzhaber is the Governor of Oregon, you all know who Obama is, Kitty Piercy is Mayor of Eugene, Oregon. Peter DeFazio is the US representative for the Eugene area and Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkeley are the US Senators from Oregon.
Then come family members, my wife and I, Nola at 6 months, our dog who fiercely protects Nola when she is here.  Then our other son and his girlfriend, and Shalyhns' sister and her husband. 
I also have made backs for all of the cards here is a sample of them.  I am waiting for pictures of Shalyhns' parents and will add as Nola reaches milestones and things happen throughout her life.  I sent a few of the political cards out for signatures, so far the Governor, President and Senator Wyden have not responded.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

1957 Topps completed

Ok, it's the old bait and switch. You probably thought it was the 1957 Topps baseball set, but no.  I finally finished the set after paying more for a card than ever before.  Price wise the  Roy Hamilton card was cheapest, then the Dean (which is one of 4 James Dean cards in the set)  and the Crickets card was truly expensive.  I think I am done with old non sports cards for awhile. This card was really fun as it was from the year I was born and has been many people I grew up watching and listening to.  This is the third time I have tried to do this set and the first time I have finished it.  I always have started with the same three cards, Liz Taylor, Gene Kelly and Burt Lancaster.  Now to go put them in the notebook and show it off once in awhile.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I just picked up padrographs of three former Padres and one current Padre from an ebay seller.  Pat Neshek is currently at Norfolk in the International League as part of the Orioles organization.  Chad Qualls is pitching for the Phillies.  Yorvit Torrealba is catching for the Rangers.  Jesus Guzman has played 61 games for the Padres this year.  This gives me 815 unique Padrographs.

More teams ready to go and no one lined for them

I have cards of the A's, Marlins, Rockies and Rangers all ready to go and no one to trade them with.  All I ask for in return is at least one Padre card.  My want list is one of the tabs at the top of the page.  A few other teams are getting close to being ready to go.  Pirates and Mariners fans sorry, those go to two friends here in Portland.  The first one to claim a team by emailing me at Padrographs at live dot come will get the team.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What to do when you team sucks?

The Padres are so far gone this that I think they might be mathematically eliminated the day after the All Star break.  I don't even know all the players on this years team they have gone through so many players.  I am recycling the Dodgers meme of old "Wait til next year".  Now the Padres are the only team left in the majors without a no hitter, they had a no hitter thrown against them by a pitcher high on LSD, but they can't throw one.  I wish that they would get an owner who really cared about the team and was willing to spend money to make the team and the park better.   Thank you for letting me vent.  What do you do when you team sucks this bad?

Monday, June 18, 2012

New additions

I recently picked up 11 padrographs that I didn't have off of ebay.  Everyone in the first picture I had tried TTM but never heard back from.  Bryan Altman, Jace Peterson, Vince Belnome, Kyle Gaedele and Kevin Quackenbush are all still in the minors.  Miguel Tejada, Jorge Cantu and Brad Hawpe are all gone from San Diego.  Jason Bartlett is on the DL and I don't really expect to see him playing for the Padres anymore.

Austin Hedges and Joe Ross were the padrographs available in this years Bowman release.  I picked them both relatively cheap. These new Padrographs bring me to 811 unique padrographs.  Still a few on the wantlist,   Randy Myers keep going for more than I am willing to spend.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

An update and a giveway or trade offer (read all the way to the end)

I haven't really gone anywhere.  My wife lost her job last month (that's really a good thing) so I have been spending more time with her and she has been finding things for me to do every weekend.  Last weekend my son and I hauled 6000 lbs of hardwoods, dunnage from cargo ships, home for firewood.  Friday and yesterday we hauled several loads of rocks to someone who was looking for fill.  Today I started my day with two aleve and feel okay now.  Also every Sunday afternoon for two hours I teach a class for resident aliens on how to pass the citizenship test.  Two more sessions of that.  Also we have been spending time with our first grandchild, she and her Dad are asleep in the next room.  He is really tired cause he took part in the naked bike ride here in Portland last night.  I have been reading all your blogs and have packages ready to go to some of you.  I also have some packages ready to go but no one to send them to.  I have Yankees, Mets, Tigers and Reds ready to go but no one to send them to.  I will trade you for one Padres card any one you want to send me.  The first person to email me at padrographs at live dot com will get them.  I hope to have another post with some new padrographs up tomorrow.