Sunday, June 17, 2012

An update and a giveway or trade offer (read all the way to the end)

I haven't really gone anywhere.  My wife lost her job last month (that's really a good thing) so I have been spending more time with her and she has been finding things for me to do every weekend.  Last weekend my son and I hauled 6000 lbs of hardwoods, dunnage from cargo ships, home for firewood.  Friday and yesterday we hauled several loads of rocks to someone who was looking for fill.  Today I started my day with two aleve and feel okay now.  Also every Sunday afternoon for two hours I teach a class for resident aliens on how to pass the citizenship test.  Two more sessions of that.  Also we have been spending time with our first grandchild, she and her Dad are asleep in the next room.  He is really tired cause he took part in the naked bike ride here in Portland last night.  I have been reading all your blogs and have packages ready to go to some of you.  I also have some packages ready to go but no one to send them to.  I have Yankees, Mets, Tigers and Reds ready to go but no one to send them to.  I will trade you for one Padres card any one you want to send me.  The first person to email me at padrographs at live dot com will get them.  I hope to have another post with some new padrographs up tomorrow.

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