Monday, June 18, 2012

New additions

I recently picked up 11 padrographs that I didn't have off of ebay.  Everyone in the first picture I had tried TTM but never heard back from.  Bryan Altman, Jace Peterson, Vince Belnome, Kyle Gaedele and Kevin Quackenbush are all still in the minors.  Miguel Tejada, Jorge Cantu and Brad Hawpe are all gone from San Diego.  Jason Bartlett is on the DL and I don't really expect to see him playing for the Padres anymore.

Austin Hedges and Joe Ross were the padrographs available in this years Bowman release.  I picked them both relatively cheap. These new Padrographs bring me to 811 unique padrographs.  Still a few on the wantlist,   Randy Myers keep going for more than I am willing to spend.


Marcus said...

I've bought a few packs of those Bowman, hoping to score a Hedges or Gyorko auto. No luck so far, only a Dodger prospect that was quickly traded away.

Hackenbush said...

811 Padrographs? Amazing!