Sunday, June 24, 2012

1957 Topps completed

Ok, it's the old bait and switch. You probably thought it was the 1957 Topps baseball set, but no.  I finally finished the set after paying more for a card than ever before.  Price wise the  Roy Hamilton card was cheapest, then the Dean (which is one of 4 James Dean cards in the set)  and the Crickets card was truly expensive.  I think I am done with old non sports cards for awhile. This card was really fun as it was from the year I was born and has been many people I grew up watching and listening to.  This is the third time I have tried to do this set and the first time I have finished it.  I always have started with the same three cards, Liz Taylor, Gene Kelly and Burt Lancaster.  Now to go put them in the notebook and show it off once in awhile.

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