Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What to do when you team sucks?

The Padres are so far gone this that I think they might be mathematically eliminated the day after the All Star break.  I don't even know all the players on this years team they have gone through so many players.  I am recycling the Dodgers meme of old "Wait til next year".  Now the Padres are the only team left in the majors without a no hitter, they had a no hitter thrown against them by a pitcher high on LSD, but they can't throw one.  I wish that they would get an owner who really cared about the team and was willing to spend money to make the team and the park better.   Thank you for letting me vent.  What do you do when you team sucks this bad?


Anonymous said...

The sun will come out tomorrow, when the Padres have a new owner tomorrow...there'll be sun. Just thinking about tomorrow, maybe even keep Quentin and add some payroll.

Hang in there man, new ownership will breathe life into your franchise...this coming from somebody who just endured the entire McCourt fiasco the last few years.


Mike said...

being a Pirate fan I immerse myself in fantasy baseball or www.pennantchase.com. Baseball without the agony of a poor franchise.

Kbrewster/90 said...

You call them the Royals!

No seriously, it's tough waiting. I feel like the Royals are FINALING moving in the right direction, but it takes time, especially for small market teams. One miss and it sets you back 3 years.

Go Pads! I like them and always have. I even got to go to a game there last year!

Hackenbush said...

You call them the Cubs and hope Theo and Jed know the f#*k what they're doing. See you're not alone.