Sunday, October 30, 2022

It's Been Awhile, Y'all

I have been deliberating over the past 5 months what to do with my cards.  I have come to two decisions and have been in the process of implementing those decisions.  

I decided that I was only going to collect (at this time) two players, Tim Flannery and Tony Gwynn.  Flannery I was going to try and get all of his cards.  Right now all I have are a few cards other than all his Topps cards.  I will be starting chasing those remaining cards soon.  
I decided that I was only going to keep 19 pages of Tony Gwynn cards, that is 171 cards.  So I went through all my Tony Gwynn, Sr. cards and eventually pared it down to that number.  I split the rest of my Gwynn cards and other Padres cards between Gavin and Fuji.  I dropped off Gavin's cards to him a week or so ago and I mailed Fuji's to him yesterday.  When I decided to page my Gwynn cards I realized there were still 10 cards I needed to complete my task. I have listed the 10 cards I still need on the Top Ten Most Wanted.