Monday, April 30, 2012

Testing 1,2,3 Is this thing on?

I have gotten very few responses to my last couple of posts, ever since blogger changed.  I was wondering if anyone is seeing these.  I am trying to give some TONY GWYNN cards away and have had no response. If you read this will you please let me know.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trade bait for Player collectors and a few other things

I sorted through all of my Padres cards and kept what I wanted to.  I have been working on a Frankenset of Padres cards.  It has been fun to put together with cards going back to 1952.  I recently purchased a big Padres lot and it had Topps team sets from 1969 to 1993, missing three cards, one from 1969, a 1973 John Hilton rookie, and a 1974 Willie McCovey, Washington National League.  I picked up the '69 card at the LCS and found the 1974 McCovey card in my stuff.  So I started working on Topps team sets from 1994 to now.  I also decided to do Heritage Team sets from 2001 to now.  I have posted my want list of cards for those along with some autographed cards I am still looking for on the want list page.  So I have some Padres cards to get rid of.  I have packaged them up and am offering them to you in trade.  If you want some of them just indicate in the comments which packages you want and what you want to trade.  I would ask that you only ask for one of the Gwynns and Hoffman packages and a total of 5 to begin with.  So here we go;

#1 50 different Trevor Hoffman cards
#2 50 different Trevor Hoffman cards
#3 50 different Trevor Hoffman cards
#4 50 different Tony Gwynn cards
#5 50 different Tony Gwynn cards
#6 50 different Tony Gwynn cards
#7 50 different Tony Gwynn cards
#8 50 different Tony Gwynn cards

the following groupings unless noted have some duplicates in them and all the cards are in Padres uniforms.
#9 45 Greg Maddux cards
#10 74 Ryan Klesko cards
#11 250 Andy Benes cards
#12 174 Jake Peavy cards
#13 24 Goose Gossage cards
#14 142 Adrian Gonzalez cards
#15 64 Chris Young cards
#16 90 Wally Joyner cards
#17 44 Joe Carter cards
#18 93 Fred McGriff cards
#19 275 Benito Santiago cards
#20 35 Bip Roberts cards (many teams)
#21 108 Ken Caminiti cards
#22 24 Steve Garvey cards
#23 14 Dave Winfield cards
#24 5 Ozzie Smith cards
#25 4 Joey Cora cards
#26 48 John Kruk cards
#27 131 Alomar cards (mostly Roberto)
#28 17 Mat Latos cards
#29 64 Khalil Greene cards
#30 19 David Wells cards
#31 3 Kevin Mitchell cards
#32 11 Mike Piazza cards
#33 13 Heath Bell cards
#34 23 Fernando Valenzuela
#35 6 Matt Antonelli cards
#36 8 Rickey Henderson cards (all different)
#37 6 Dave Dravecky cards
#38 3 Gaylord Perry cards

These are from one of the American Heritage sets
#39 9 Abraham Lincoln/Barack Obama cards (all different)
#40 Complete Heroes of Sports set
#41 Complete A Hero's Journey set
#42 19 Medal of Freedom cards (all different)

Looking Forward to hearing from you.  I will have some other teams up in the next few days.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

TTM and New Padres sigs

 Last October during the Wordstock book festival I started typing up passages from books I read and asking the authors to sign them.  I have sent passages out to some authors and received them back signed.  This is the most recent, I read Jerry Wests' autobiography and chose this passage and sent it to him care of the Warriors and after about three weeks I got it back, it will go into my authorgraphs scrapbook.
 I picked up three Padrographs from ebay that I didn't have, Brad  Brach, Dustin Moseley and Chris Denorfia. I have these cards out in the mail to Dustin and Chris, but it has been over a month now.  These 3 cards give me 801 different Padrographs.

Those of you who live in Oregon may recognize this man.  I started making a set of cards for my granddaughter covering her life.  She is almost six months old and I have started making a set for her when she gets older.  Mr. Adams took less than a week to sign this.  This is the second card in the set that I have gotten signed.  Kenny Sears a NBA player from the 50's and 60's signed card number 2.  Kenny is from Watsonville, CA and played high school basketball with my Dad.  I will do a post on the set soon.  Eventually I will get back to the Padrographs.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Spring Training TTM

 I already had an O'Dog autograph but it was on a Padrographs card from last year.  Now I have an officially licensed card signed by him.  He is always very quick in returning cards.

 I sent this to Erik Davis care of the Nationals in Florida and it came back in less than a week.  I got this purple bordered card and a printing plate signed.  I have one more printing plate that I would like to get signed but it is Adrian Gonzalez.  I don't know if it is even worth trying to send it to him.

I am working on a Padres Frankenset and have just finished going through all of my Padres cards to get the set.  The next step is to sort all my left over cards by brand and year and pull out the people that I think others might be interested.  Who would you like cards of?