Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Heritage High Numbers Teams

So I bought one of these off of E bay without the autograph, the only bummer about that would be if the auto was of Ednison Volquez.  But I digress, the purpose of buying the set was to get the Padres, Mariners and Pirates out of the set for myself and a couple of friends. Therefore I am left with a bunch of cards that I have no use for.  What I would like to do is a group break where the cards are 75 cents each and a couple of dollars for shipping and handling.  If you are interested in picking up a team please let me know.  Also if you know of a checklist that includes the team let me know.  Otherwise I will just let you know how many cards in your team when I get the set.  Let me know in the comments which team you would like.
UPDATED: I have added the number of cards for each team as far as I can tell.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks(3)
  • Atlanta Braves (3)-night owl
  • Baltimore Orioles(5)-O No, Not Another Orioles Blog
  • Boston Red Sox(9)-Thoughts and Sox
  • Chicago Cubs(1)
  • Chicago White Sox(8)-Ron Longo
  • Cinncinnati Reds(4)-The Writers Journey
  • Cleveland Indians(4)
  • Colorado Rockies(1)
  • Detroit Tigers(1)
  • Houston Astros(0)
  • Kansas City Royals(3)
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(4)-Angels in Order
  • Los Angeles Dodgers(5)-Night Owl
  • Miami Marlins(0)
  • Milwaukee Brewers(3)-Collector's Crack
  • Minnesota Twins(4)-GCRL
  • New York Mets(4)-Sportscards from the Dollar Store
  • New York Yankees(4)-GCRL
  • Oakland Athletics(5)
  • Philadelphia Phillies(1)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates(4)-Padrographs
  • San Diego Padres(2)- Padrographs
  • San Francisco Giants(2)-arpsmith
  • Seattle Mariners(1)-Padrographs
  • St. Louis Cardinals(4)-Cards on Cards
  • Tampa Bay Rays(3)
  • Texas Rangers(3)
  • Toronto Blue Jays(5)-Sportscards from the Dollar Store
  • Washington Nationals(4)-O No, Not Another Orioles Blog


night owl said...

I'm in for the Dodgers. I believe there are 4 of them.

Here is the checklist, although it's not broken down by team:

Ryan H said...

I'll take the Orioles! I'll look around and see if I can see how many O's are in the set.

Ryan H said...

I'll also take the Nationals if there isn't an overly expensive premium on the Harper.

AdamE said...

I want the Red Sox.

It isn't sorted by team but the teams are listed here:

madding said...

I'll take the Cardinals. Let me know how I should send you the cash.

buckstorecards said...

I'd be in for the Blue Jays and Mets.

You'll be sending to Canada, so take that into account when you contact me for the price at (Change the Zs to Gs)

cynicalbuddha said...

Hey Rod I'd be in for all the Brew Crew cards

Anonymous said...

I would like the White Sox cards. I sent an email to you earlier too from yahoo address.

The Angels In Order said...

I'll take the Angels. Cash as well if thats ok.

Jason T. Carter said...

Put me down for the Reds. Sending Paypal shortly.

JT, The Writer's Journey

arpsmith said...

Giants please!

Thanks. Adam

Shoot me a note and I will send some cash.

gcrl said...

well, i suppose i will take the twins and yankees