Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trade Stack Week 4

The Neil Johnson card has been claimed.  The three cards below are still available, either all of them or any one. Neil Johnson played seven seasons in the NBA and ABA. He started with the Knicks and then the Suns before jumping to the ABA's Virginia Squires, where he played in 71-73.

If you want this card and they others below.  Trade me anything.  Tell me you want the cards and I will send them to you.  Don't tell me what you are sending, I want to be surprised.  

Thanks for reading.


Jon said...

We've never had any contact before, but if you're game, I'd be interested in the Neil Johnson auto.

Fuji said...

I can't believe the Flannery, LeMahieu, and Foley autographs haven't been claimed yet. What is wrong with this hobby? :D