Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Padrographs 1262-1264 and my current state of mind about the hobby.


 Hey, long time no see.  I got frustrated with what Padrographs were selling for and cards in general.  

First lets talk about these three cards then we will move onto other things.  

Edward Olivares, is Padrograph #1262.  He played in 13 games for the Padres in 2020 before being traded to the Royals for Trevor Rosenthal.  He has played in 15 games for the Royals so far this year.
Jarlin Susana, is Padrograph #1263.  The 18 year old was signed by the Padres as a free agent.  He is currently playing in the DSL.
Joe Goddard,  is Padrograph #1264.  He was signed by the Padres in 1971 and played in 12 games for the Padres in 1972.  He played in the Padres system through 1976.  I have made custom cards of him and sent them to him and never heard from him.  I found  this Beckett autograph cut on eBay and then an overlay for it.  I designed it and my wife cut it out for me.  She has a much steadier hand than I.  I got this card back in January.  

With all the prices going up I have made a few decisions about my collection.  Also I am not getting any younger, I will be signing up for Medicare in September.  I have decided that I am just going to concentrate on my Padrographs and Tim Flannery cards.  I am going to curtail my Padrographs and only get cards of players who have actually played for the Padres not just in their system and all the managers.  There goes my Joe Pepitone autograph.  I will be selling many things that don't meet that criteria.  

I will be hosting a group break soon that will consists of commons, inserts, autographs and custom cards.  I am sorting all my non Padres by teams and when I get them all sorted I will be posting the details of the break.  The price will be determined by the number of cards for the team.  I am looking at making each card between 25-50.  

Right now I am looking for Tim Flannery cards that are not from Topps.  I think I have all of them.   

Once I get down with the group break I will be figuring out what to do with all my non-auto Padres cards. 

Thank you for stopping by and good night.


night owl said...

Good to hear from you on here, Rod!

Wow, surprising that prices are soaring for things like Padres autos (excepting Tatis, of course).

Matt said...

Glad to see a blog post from you! I hope you're doing well.

defgav said...

Nice work on that overlay.. looks great!

Always sad when a collector says goodbye to a previously beloved part of their collection, but I totally get it. With current prices and the hobby landscape as it stands, it's hard for anyone to keep collecting the same way they had been a few years ago.

The Diamond King said...

Great to hear from you! And sorry the hobby weirdness is affecting you so much.

I'd probably be interested in a group break, even though I am not a team collector. But teams are by far the easiest way to do breaks.

Fuji said...

Glad to see you behind the keyboard again. I feel ya with the hobby. Up until very recently, I had cut back a ton. A new thing that's reasonably affordable has caught my eye, so at least I have something to focus on.

The team break sounds interesting. If you're doing any presales, mark me down for the A's. If not, I'll wait. Can't imagine there being a lot of A's guys out there. LOL.

Jon said...

As everyone else has already said, it's good to see a new post from you. Card collecting isn't nearly as fun as it was before the boom. I already scaled back quite a bit two years ago, but am also in the process of doing so even more.

Jafronius said...

Agreed, great to see a post from the Padfather! Hope you're doing well overall!