Tuesday, February 6, 2024

to quote another blogger, Stadium Club coming at you.

 On Saturday January 27, my wife, our granddaughter and I went a couple of hours south to do some thrift shopping.  I was looking for an Eugene Emeralds t-shirt.  The Ems used to be a farm club for the Padres so I wanted to include it in my new t shirt quilt.  We hit the two biggest stores in Eugene and I went through every t shirt they had and I did not find a single t shirt from the Eugene Ems.  However as we were leaving town we stopped by Hookers Sports Cards and I picked up 5 packs of 2023 Stadium Club.  On Monday the 29th I received three packs I had purchased on Ebay from Midwest Sports Cards.  I like Stadium Club for the photos.

Horizontal is nice sometimes.  The Sean Murphy card is a little too closely cropped for me.  Javy Baez is a cool perspective, Julio Rodriguez captures a moment in time.

Tony and Cal were in the same pack, I think the Tony may be from his final game.  Joc Pedersons card with the Chevron cards is fun.  MacKenzie is a nice perspective on a pitchers form.
I got a nice split on horizontal (27) and vertical (29) cards. Bryan Dello has a nice atomsphere.  The Starling Marte reminds me of a Kevin Kouzmanoff card from a few years ago.  Nice Blake Snell City Connect card with Manny Machado lurking in the background.

A nice assortment of retired guys with Ron Santo lurking on Aaron's card and maybe Rick Dempsey on Palmer's card.

A nice Gatorade bath and The Kids' follow through at an All Star game HR Derby (I think)
I really like the Corbin Carroll card.  Clayton Kershaw celebrating the World Series victory in the gold lettering.
Jacob Cronenworth showing some emotion from I think two years ago.  

I got two autographs from my eight packs.  One is somewhat readable and the other is a set of initials.  

I got two triumvirates inserts for different teams.  Tim, do you want the Lindor?
I got three red foil parallels.  That makes two Michael Grove cards from eight packs. One for Greg and one for Jim.
Once again I get a Bobby Witt, Jr card.  I seem to be a magnet for him and as seen below for Dodgers.

That wraps up my Stadium Club for this year (until Christmas when there will be a box under the tree)
By the way Japan won the 2009 World Baseball Classic.


Tony Hudnell said...

You missed a red parallel of Lee :)

The Angels In Order said...

Yeah, the photos, especially of the Cobb-era guys, are really great.

The Diamond King said...

If I was ever going to buy packs these days, they would probably be Stadium Club. If I could find cheap complete base sets, I might go for those too. So many I will hope to track down in the cheap boxes someday. The Aaron, Eric Davis, George Brett and Corbin Carroll are at the top of the list! That Jim Palmer isn't bad either.

Matt said...

I thought it was funny when Narciso Crook showed up for the Red Sox in the Topps Update set, as he was a 27-year-old minor league free agent who never got called up to the big league club and honestly was never close (and has since been released!). The fact that he got into Stadium Club as an autograph is downright hilarious...

Fuji said...

First time seeing that Gwynn. Cool that he came out of the same pack as Ripken.

gcrl said...

so many great photos including Michael Grove’s. I am definitely on the hunt for the parallels of that one! The instavision is a big hit as well!

OhioTim said...

Yes I am interested in the Lindor cards. I have yet to find boxes of Stadium Club in stores around me. Awesome photography on them again for this year.

Jafronius said...

Thanks for showing off the cards!