Monday, February 19, 2024

Unboxing Box 18, 2023 Topps Update box 2

Starting off with parallels and inserts.  One halloween parallel, three chevron parallels, a numbered green parallel of Eury Perez, a black gold homage and two 1988 Topps homage cards.

Eight stars of MLB, five are rookies and one of the rookies is Chrome.

A bunch of rookies. I like the Bachman and Miller cards because of the intensity of the delivery.  Zach Neto has a big leg kick as he hits. Hicks and Bachman will go into my city connect mini collection.
I like the Triston Casas card cause I don't believe I have seen very many cards of that pose.  Maybe I'll start another mini collection.
Michael Fulmer is a parallel, any card with Clemente on it is a winner.  Castro and Wacha will go into my City Connect mini collection.  

Ohio Tim email me your address at padrographsatlivedotcom.  
There are just three more boxes to go.



The Angels In Order said...

Lots of good stuff there.

night owl said...

Nothing quite as deflating as "oooh, a color parallel -- aww, it's a Marlin"

OhioTim said...

Great looking cards!

Fuji said...

Don't think I've seen the chevron parallels before. It seems like every week, I see a new parallel somewhere in the blogosphere. The Halloween one is weird... but I bet it'd be a fun set to build for Giants fans. Maybe there'll do a Thanksgiving parallel for us... or a Shamrock parallel for the A's.

Jafronius said...

Not a fan of the Halloween parallels; heard there were Spring parallels in 2024 Series 1. Seems really excessive