Sunday, February 18, 2024

Unboxing Box 17, 2023 Topps Archives

It's kind of weird to see Willie Mays and Ted Williams on the 2003 design, but these are some good action shots.

1956 yields another Bobby Witt Jr. card and a city connect card.  My Bo Bichetter card was on a different stock and a completely different color.

The design from 1965 (when I was eight years old) is one of my favorites.  A bunch of Hall of Famers, old, now and soon to be.
The inserts.  Verlander is a double header and Max Scherzer with the Rangers is on the other side.  The Tony Gwynn is based on the 1957 Hit Stars set.  I have built that set twice.  It is from the year I was born.  I have enjoyed chasing the people in the set.  McGwire is based on a something else.  Thomas, Ripken, and Smith I think are supposed to be based on the 1969 poster inserts.



Matt said...

Not a bad break, some good names in there!

The Angels In Order said...

These unboxings have been great, so much cool stuff to open up!

OhioTim said...

I really like the 2023 Archives edition. The mix of legends and current players is great. I am collecting the 1969 single player foil insert set. Are the three you pulled available for trade?

Jafronius said...

Good stuff!

Jon said...

Do you still have your two sets of Hit Stars?