Sunday, April 25, 2021

Don't call it a comeback to quote Fuji and the Music Challenge A-Z

 So after I posted these yesterday here, I also posted them in a couple of TTM groups I belong to on facebook.  Someone there got my Padres custom and I got his 1993 Flair.  So we are swapping to get our cards back.  

I also decided to participate in the A-Z Music challenge.

A- Andrae Crouch and the Disciples, my favorite song is My Tribute

B-This was the most difficult letter for me.  I chose the Beach Boys but could have gone with Billy Preston, the Blues Brothers or Blue Oyster Cult.  The Beach Boys have more songs I like.

C-Chicago, one of the first albums I bought was their 4 disc Live at Carnegie Hall

D-Daniel Amos, one of the bands I have seen the most.  From country to new wave.  Shotgun Angel to the Alarma Chronicles

E-Edgar Winter, I love listening to Frankenstein with headphones on

F-for King and Country

G-George Strait, saw him in concert once and love almost anything he sings

H-Huey Lewis and the News, love everything they do and saw them in concert once

I- The Imperials, love their harmonies.  You will notice that there are several trios and quartets on my list, I love the sound of several voices melding together

J-Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett, I couldn't choose between them

K-Keith Green, some songs that really minister to me

L-Larry Norman, songs that showed me that rock and roll can be used to express Christian themes.  Many songs that make me think about things.  Six O'Clock News in particular.  Saw Larry in Concert many times.  Lynryd Skynryd I love the fifteen minute version of Freebird.  I saw them in concert in 1977.  You can see that concert in the movie Freebird

M-Mercy Me, I Can Only Imagine will always remind of my late mother in law

N-Newsboys, love My Fathers House in Particular

O-The Oak Ridge Boys, Elvira among many other favorites

P-Phillips, Craig and Dean, a trio of amazing voices with some amazing songs, Mercy Came Running, Concert of the Age and Favorite Song of All

Q-Queen, love News of the World

R-Reba McEntire, love her voice and her wide variety of songs.

S-Steven Curtis Chapman, love The Great Adventure, Burn the Ships and Be Still and Know

T- Tim Flannery, the dude is awesome, singer, songwriter and humanitarian.  My favorite song is a hymn he wrote called Foot of the Cross

U-U2, my younger brother introduced me to them when they were first hitting the U.S.  Joshua Tree is still a favorite album

V-Van Halen, I and a friend used to listen to their first albums in the church parking lot while we played frisbee in the late 70's

W-War, Wings.  I couldn't decide and I don't have an X

X- nothing y'all

Y-Yes, I saw them in concert at Oakland, they were the headliners after Donovan played.  Just him and his guitar then Yes with their arsenal of instruments.  

Z-ZZ Top, Eliminator is one of my favorites, but I also like their early blues.


Angus said...

Have you seen the Oak Ridge Boys doing Elvira with the a capella group Home Free? They sure look they are having fun in the video.

Fuji said...

I'm so grateful that Chris started this BBA... because it's given me a chance to see some artists and groups that I haven't thought about in years. The one that stood out the most to me was Steven Curtis Chapman. My college girlfriend introduced me to his music and I'm pretty sure I still have his album The Great Adventure. Haven't listened to it in decades... but I can still sing at least a couple of lines from that title song and probably a few others.

Trevor P said...

Love your love of country. Have you seen the movie "I Can Only Imagine"? It's a good watch, especially if you like Mercy Me.

Jon said...

Not gonna lie, I haven't even heard of about half the people on your list. I did write a few down to check out later though, so...

Jongudmund said...

Cool that you've been able to reclaim your card!

Matt said...

My wife would die for that Reba auto!!!!

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Bulldog said...

Good job and great Reba auto!