Saturday, April 24, 2021

A little bit of everything

The other day I got a PWE from Adam at Infield Fly Rule, that contained this Jack Youngblood card and another card of a Los Angeles Ram.  All I remember about him is thinking that he had a really cool name.  I don't remember him as a player at all.  Doing research for this post I found out that he was an actor starring in two made for TV movies in 1986 and 1988.  He was a member of the C.A.T. Squad in the movies.  I did not realize that he was in the HOF, but I did not pay much attention to football at the time. 

Somehow though I knew about the Rams Fearsome Foursome, consisting of Lamar Lundy, Deacon Jones, Rosey Grier and Merlin Olsen.  I don't know why but I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and seeing Merlin as Johnathan Garvey.  But I remember him even more as Father Murphy, a show that ran for three seasons between 1981-1983.  He confronted a mining boss and that confrontation caused some children to be orphaned.  He posed as a priest to help care for the children and circumvent authority that would have split up family.  
That team of Rams had some actors on it, Fred Dryer went on to star in Hunter and Rosey Grier starred in several things before starring in The Thing with Two Heads, where he played an inmate who had a bigoted surgeons head grafted onto his body.  Not a comedy.  

Does anyone know where I send the cards next?

I had sent some Padres cards out to get autographed, bought one on ebay and got disappointed with a return.  
I  made contact with former Padres pitcher Randy Keisler on the web and sent him an email asking I could send him a card to sign and he said yes.  So I made the card and sent it to a wide spot in the road, called Richards, TX and just thirty-eight days it came back to me. 
It is Padrograph #1239, I used the only photo I could find of him with San Diego and modeled the card after one of the Fleer box sets from the eighties.  He pitched in two games for the Padres in 2003.
As I was working on the Padres Phrankenset (which is on a temporary hiatus)  I came across a card that I needed a signed copy of and when I looked on ebay there was a signed copy so I bought.
Steve Watkins is Padrograph #1238, he pitched in eleven games for the Padres in 2004.

I had sent custom cards to most of the Padres coaches for them to sign and the other day I received an envelop back that I knew was coming from first base coach Wayne Kirby.  I was disappointed when I opened the envelope though.  Instead of my Padres card I found these.  

I have added some more 1963 Astronauts cards to my set.

I am taking a hiatus from writing for awhile.  I will be reading your blogs and commenting some.  
Thank you for stopping by.



defgav said...

Hope everything's ok.

That's funny about the Wayne Kirby cards. Are you going to try again?

bbcardz said...

Rams cards! Woohoo! I went to quite a few games featuring Olsen and Youngblood when I was a kid. I actually ended up working at the LA Coliseum as a young adult.

Jongudmund said...

Maybe Wayne Kirby misunderstood and thought your card was a gift or something? Enjoy your break!

The Lost Collector said...

Those Flair cards look nice signed. Good surface for a signature, and not much clutter.

Hope everything is ok!

SumoMenkoMan said...

Cardboard Hogs gets them next, but I haven’t been able to get his mailing address.

Love the astronaut cards... enjoy the writing break!

Fuji said...

Lovin' the 1963 Astronauts set build progress!

Jafronius said...

Bummer about the Kirby return, but you did get something back. Maybe try again later? As usual, great astronaut cards!

Enjoy your break...we look forward to your return!

Jon said...

I'm very close to taking an extended break as well. Enjoy yours!

Adam Kaningher said...
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Adam Kaningher said...

Glad they got there safely!