Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guys I Need, Part 1

There are a few guys from the past that I haven't been able to acquire yet. From top to bottom left to right. I need Dave Stewart who is in the bottom right hand corner of the first coaches card. I have tried through the mail several teams in care of teams he is with. Next is Dick Sisler who was a coach for John McNamara when he managed the Padres. I have all the managers, SSPC put several coaches in the set. Next is future Hall of Famer, Alan Tramell, I have tried through the mail during the season, but never a response. Sean Watkins is one of those rookies who shows up in Bowman and then disappears. Donne Wall has never responded to my through the mail request, although he must be accumalating quite a few cards from all the times I have tried. Don Williams was on a team issued scheduled card in 1977, but I don't know where to mail it. Pedro Astacio only pitched 12 games for the Padres but it was enough to get him on this team issued card. Steven Baker is another Bowman rookie who seems to have disappeared. Brennan Boesch is a special case, he was drafted by the Tigers and has always played in their system. Topps for some reason airbrushed him into a Padres uniform. I have written him and asked him to sign the card, explaining that I realize he is not a Padre, but is pictured as a Padre. I have never heard back from him. He may be really pissed at Topps for making his first card in the wrong uniform. Steve Chavez, Steve Martin and Javier Martinez are more disappearing Bowman Rookies. Dan Miceli has never responded to my letters and Randy Myers, was notorious for only signing cards of the team he was currently on, but now he just doesn't respond. Lastly is former Astro's pitcher Dave Smith, I have tried a couple of times through the mail with no luck.

If you can help with any of these I would appreciate it. Just the conditions are they must be pictured in a Padres uniform. I will trade with or buy from you. Also if you are interested in a signed card of someone who played for the Padres, I have a couple of hundred extras. Right now my collection sits at signed cards of 698 different players and coaches.


PunkRockPaint said...

I think that Flannery might be able to help with the Dave Smith search...

He mentioned a couple of years ago that he liked to go hang out at Smith's ranch near Santa Barbara.

Kind of a long shot, but Flan has always been the helpful type. Good luck.

deal said...

Unfortunately Dave Smith died late last year. It has not been updated on his Baseball-Ref Bio yet.