Thursday, January 10, 2019

Christmas Packs #15

I reached a spot in my box of packs where there are like five packs of 1988 Fleer Baseball.  It was the only place they would fit in the box.  This pack yielded a Billy Ripken card, one deceased (that I know of) player, one Hall of Famer, 2 former Padres, a goat and a Yankee great, two guys I don't remember and my youngest sons namesake.  I don't remember Scott Lusader and Al HallCal and Billy Ripken share a card creatively titled O's Brothers.  I remember Chuck Finley because he was married to MTV superstar Tawny Kitaen, whom he divorced after she repeatedly kicked him in the face with her high heels.  I remember Pete Incaviglia because he is the doppelganger of a friend of mine. Bill Buckner will always be remembered for a missed grounder but he was a reliable player for several teams.  Don Mattingly was in this pack, but for some reason I forgot to include him in the picture.  Terry Kennedy was a Padre before he was an Oriole, he was a four time All Star.  David Francis Dravecky had been a Padre before being a member of the Giants.  When my wife was pregnant with our second son, we flipped through Donruss baseball cards to see what names others had paired with David, which was the name we had settled on.  We found David Francis Dravecky and decided because of Dravecky's testimony through his ordeal with cancer we would name our son after him.  Our son David was born on the same day that Dave announced his retirement from baseball. We were able to meet Dave on one of his book tours and the two David Francis's were able to meet.  That was thirty years ago this coming November.

Fuji pointed out that there are two players in this pack that are deceased.  I thought only Dave Henderson was deceased, but he reminded me that Bob Welch was also deceased.
I also realized that Don Mattingly wasn't actually in this pack.  He is in tomorrow's pack.

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Fuji said...

Rest in peace Mr. Welch!