Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Christmas Packs #19

I have decided that next year I am going to do these packs by the box so that all the packs are together.   I have already started stockpiling blasters to give myself next Christmas. 
This pack of 1988 Fleer did not yield a surfboard card but it contained fewer players that I didn't remember than any of the previous packs.  It also enclosed the first insert card of the box ( I don't consider the stickers inserts).  Ralph Bryant is the only player I don't remember at all.  Mookie Wilson is the stepfather and uncle of Preston Wilson.  Tom Browning, was (I think) a member of the Reds' Nasty Boys.  Kevin Seitzer's Mom worked with a friend of mine.  Pat Clement was a Padre and I got his autograph when he came to Portland with the Las Vegas Stars.  Mike Dunne and Wally Joyner were Padres whose autographs I got through the mail.  Eric Davis is a former Northwest League All Star and a Major League All Star as this card indicates. 


Brett Alan said...

Browning wasn't really one of the Nasty Boys; he was a starter, and the Nasty Boys were relievers.

Describing Mookie Wilson as Preston's uncle makes me feel old! We Mets fans love Mookie.

Fuji said...

I remember trying to build that 88F All-Star set. Don't think I finished it. If I remember correctly, collation was bad. We'd keep pulling the same guys in my area (Nokes, Davis, Molitor, Henke, and Clemens).