Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas Packs #16

Another day, another pack of 1988 Fleer Baseball.  The more of these I see the more I like them.  I was thinking of building the set, but then I thought why?  So I will have singles available eventually.  No checklists, no Hall of Famers, 2 Padres, a legend who may get into the Hall of Fame eventually and four guys I don't remember at all.  Bill Wilkinson, Darell Miller, Bob Browning and Keith Atherton don't ring any bells at all.  Don Mattingly is a Yankee legend who may get into the Hall of Fame as time goes by.  Kevin Mitchell was a native San Diegan who came to the Padres in late '86 as part of a multi player trade with the Mets.  He played in 62 games for the Padres in 1987 before being traded to the Giants with Dave Dravecky. Keith Comstock pitched for the Padres in 1987 and 88.

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Unknown said...

I think Darrell Miller is the considerably less famous brother of Reggie and Cheryl Miller. Keith Comstock is on my favorite baseball card', although it's a minor league card