Saturday, January 5, 2019

Christmas Packs #10

Okay, today the formatting is not cooperating at all.  Todays
pack is 2018 Sportkings.  I like the look of these cards.  I got 3 Hall of Famers and two guys that take part in activities that many don't really consider sports.  Jim Palmer, Steve Largent and Walter Payton are all enshrined in their respective Halls of Fame.  Kevin Vandam was named BASS Angler of the Year.  Brian Shaw is 6'8" and weighs 420 lbs.  He had 10 straight years as Strongest Man of the Year.  I am considering building this set. 


Fuji said...

I'm planning on building this set as well. I have a few blasters waiting to be opened. The doubles are yours.

Bulldog said...

Cool looking set. I'll definitely pick up a pack if I get the chance. The art and the well rounded checklist make it pretty cool. Thanks!