Monday, January 21, 2019

Christmas Pack #23 and my Cooperstown picks

 Another pack of Country Gold and mostly people I know.  I have listened to country music for years and going to several concerts over the years.  Pearl River a band I have never heard of. Alan Jackson is a country music superstar who has had innumerable hits.  Eddie Arnold is Old School, he was a member of the original country music superstar class.  Kathy Mattea was a bright flaming country music superstar who had what seems like a brief career.  Restless Heart is a group I remember hearing on the radio, although I couldn't name any of their songs.  Mark Chestnutt had a couple of big hits in the 90's.  I remember seeing Marty Brown's picture before but I don't remember him at all.  Don Edwards is still alive and singing at age 79. 
We already know that Lee Smith and Harold Baines will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer.  I think that Mariano Rivera, will be a unanimous or close to it pick. I think Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina will also be elected to the Hall tomorrow.


Fuji said...

Restless Heart is one of the first country groups I actually liked. They have a few popular songs.

Jason T. Carter said...

I just saw Mark Chesnutt in concert this past Friday night. Lots of great songs, old-school country. "Bubba Shot the Jukebox" is probably his most popular (and my favorite).

I hope your Hall of Fame picks are right...that's who I'm rooting for as well. Curt Schilling is trending a little below 75%, and the numbers usually drop a bit when the final tallies are released, so he is not likely to make it this year. Mussina is barely above 80%, so I hope he doesn't drop too far.

I love your HOF template!

JT, The Writer's Journey

Bulldog said...

Alan Jackson is definitely an all-time great. Restless Heart had it going on for a while. Great crystal ball skills there on the Hall of Fame picks. Good job.