Monday, January 14, 2019

Christmas Pack #17

Today's 1988 Fleer pack features a bunch of players I don't remember, plus a few players I am kind of surprised aren't Hall of Famers, two guys from Oregon (one who dropped trou on national TV) and one who was a Padre, no he's a Cubbie, no he's a Padre.  It seems like Luis Salazar went back and forth between the Cubs and Padres on cards.  He played for the Padres in seven seasons out of his thirteen major league seasons.  All those guys on the top row I don't really remember.  Dave Stewart, Lou Whitaker, and Rick Sutcliffe will someday be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Bob Knepper has a ranch near Roseburg, Oregon and Steve "Psycho" Lyons went to High School in Beaverton, Oregon. Steve gained National notoriety when he slid, got dirt in his pants and he forgot he was on TV and opened his pants and then all of a sudden he realized what was happening.


Brett Alan said...

Whitaker definitely belongs in the Hall, but Stewart has a career ERA+ of 100, and Sutcliffe's is 97. Sorry, the stats just aren't there.

Fuji said...

As soon as I saw Lyons in your post, I thought about the famous undressing.