Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eric and Randy

 Eric Ralph Rasmussen legally changed his name from Harold to Eric during his major league career.  He played three years for the Padres from 1978-1980.  He then played a year for the Royals.  He pitched a couple of years for the Senior League, and since 1991 he has been a pitching coach and manager in the Twins organization.  He has been the pitching coach for some of the good pitchers for the Twins.  I got this signed through the mail several years ago.  Randy Max Ready was a incredibly great signer during the two years that he was the manager of the former Portland Beavers (Mayor Sam Adams will not ever get my vote again).   Randy was a Padre from 1986-1989, he came over from the Brewers and then moved on to Oakland.  I got this signed through the mail back in the late '80s.

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