Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steve and Kevin

Steven Vincent Reed quietly played from 1992 to 2005 in the majors.  He was originally a  member of the Giants and then began an odyssey that took him through the leagues. In January of 2002 the Padres signed him as a free agent and then in July traded him to the Mets for Jason Bay and one of the Bobby Joneses. He appeared in 40 games for the Padres.  He signed the UD 40 Man card through the  mail.  Kevin Patrick Reese was born in San Diego, went to the University of San Diego, was drafted by San Diego in 2000 and was traded by San Diego in 2001 to the Yankees.  He played in 12 games for the Yankees as a replacement for an injured Hideki Matsui.  He retired after the 2007 season and is currently a scout for the Yankees in the Sally and Carolina leagues.  I think I got this signed through the mail.

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